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Hey from malapascua it is 4:45 morning. And I am off to go see the world famous thresher sharks let’s go get some thresher sharks look at the Sun right utopia. I tried to film everything possible but.

I don’t think it did a very good job when the thresher shark is the most basically half of its body length. So I saw the tail before. I even saw the shark’s body.

And I see this thing like cutting through the water it basically looks like a sight in here davon Tiber. I can see why you come all the way we get breakfast, and maybe go back man. I don’t know after a little diving coming back for the breakfast buffet here at exotic island resort sells love to another man the angels to fly there’s no wings on this angel just a big booty we just finished breakfast.

And I think we’re going to go back to sleep early right, and push inside arroz coffee. So love has no boundaries. I compare Abby to the fish kind of repulsive on the outside.

But beautiful on the inside also a little bit scaly at times Christians travel blogger is taking an intermission. I need to get some sleep Grafton popcorn see you in a bit back to the blog. I feel as refreshed as a grizzly bear after hibernation practice that one.

I did practice. I just said to you. And I thought it was a good quote.

So I brought it no it’s in the blog real original not all those who wander are lost this is your Instagram bio lore he just took it off anyway. I share this on. And I said are you going to Coachella he was funny.

Map of Malapascua Photo Gallery

But she ruined the joke it wasn’t funny all right guys today we’re going to work on getting more views. So what we have in store for you is we have a drone, and Abby is currently putting on her bikini this is going to be right you we got some homemade mint ice cream all right guys we’re going for another flight here the definition of tropical paradise let’s do it you Oh this is what you wanted when you asked to be free free of okema incoming dodge incoming dodge hello hello. So we have one last room swap we’re going from room 20 to the beachfront number one, and here we are in the penthouse of exotic island dive, and beach resort they’re ruining the show here Thank You Tara Wow which view do.

I look at this one this one. I choose this one it’s like 3 o’clock right now got the whole day ahead of us later tonight we’re gonna be going, and getting some drinks in town we’re gonna be hanging out with like the scuba instructors, and the dive managers, and they’re gonna show us around town a little bit laura is doing some filming for her blog if you guys didn’t already know she also has my blog blog. I am doing a post about like travel hacks, and stuff that.

I packed for. I’m going going to Southeast Asia. So Christian’s gonna link it down below Chris you’re editing this link the post down below it’s 5 o’clock, and this is the prime lighting for shooting with the drone let’s get the flying turkey back in the skies music is music is it’s like breathing simple everyday they give up your dog you saying.

I got tired now see see. I realize now sit row my gaze into the hurt on the sounds back to back he said. I was like oh he said hey simple let’s flying my drone just over there by the kids, and they all were terrified.

I don’t think they’ve ever seen a drone before they’re all running off in different directions. And I’m just showing him my footage he seems pretty excited she’s in the middle of a photo shoot tonight we’re gonna be going out. So we had pina colada now we have a White Russian when we also have mozzarella sticks get our boogie on the disco think we’re going the right way we’re walking through the village, and we’re trying to find the place where everyone’s having dinner sitting there having drinks before going out this is the after party.

I guess. So you take a shot, and then you throw it into that box oh you blow up the glass if you’re like the equivalent of. I don’t know 60 bucks you can pull a bell, and if you pull the belt everyone’s sitting at the bar gets a drink the staff all get a drink you get to engrave your name on the wall in Canada you buy two drinks, and you pay 60 bucks won’t even get you in great shock.

So I’m drinking a rum, and coke, and if you look at the menu here it actually gets cheaper as you get more alcohol, and the reason is. Because Coca Cola is more expensive than the rum is. Because the rum is made locally getting a triple is cheaper than getting a single shot.

So we shut down the bar Abby’s going wild some sort of a betting ring. I don’t know what’s going on the bottle of rum is 110 pesos which is three dollars basically for almost a liter of rum Oh Oh. I’m liking one of the most random places, and all the Philippines.

I’ve been, and a guidance team up to me a foreigner, and in my air what’s your blogs like. I am all the way in meld Moskva at a local party let’s go shopping there’s a DJ dancing with young thank you say that super thick back from the party this is a stamp admitting me into the party. I don’t know why they put in my face.

But that’s kind of night it was a lot of fun amazing that here in malapascua that’s pretty much it how can I guys let’s get lost you Oh.

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