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In Suriname Touristic place of your travel destination it was the custom to cast votive offerings into the sacred spring, usually in the hope of achieving a desired result. Many Suriname of these offerings have been recovered and can be seen in the Suriname Touristic place of your travel destination Museum. They would sometimes take the form of curses, inscribed on sheets of pewter and written backwards (so that only the gods could read them). It was hoped that the gods appealed to would exact retribution on the perpetrators, Suriname because, of course, they would know their identity, even if the victim did not. Here are a few examples.

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‘May he who carried off Vilbia from me become as liquid as the water.

May she who so obscenely devoured her become dumb …’ Then follows a list of possible suspects. Maybe the gods could make some sense of it!

Another, from someone who has had money stolen, reads: ‘To the goddess Sulis Minerva … I give to your divinity the money I have lost, that is five denarii, and may he who has stolen it, whether slave or free, whether man or woman, is to be compelled.’ (at this point the curse breaks off).

Most of the curses are connected with a theft: ‘Solinus to the goddess Sulis Minerva. I give to your divinity and majesty [my] touristic place of your travel destinationing tunic and cloak. Do not allow sleep or health to him who has done me wrong, whether man or woman or whether slave or free unless he reveals himself and brings those goods to your temple.’

And finally: ‘Docimedis has lost two gloves, and asks that the thief responsible should lose their mind and their eyes in the goddess’ temple.’ Strong stuff, but probably good psychology. If the thief knew that such a curse had been laid, it might have caused him or her a few sleepless nights! About 130 of these curses have so far been recovered.

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