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Not every special moment is created equally, and certain moments in your life need to be extra special. One way to make a moment extra special is to hire a limousine. Most people think of limousines as long sedans; however, that’s not the complete picture. Limousines are luxury cars driven by professionals. They don’t have to be longer than normal sedans; if they are, they’re called stretch limousines. Some of the most popular limousines are not stretches at all; instead, they are classic luxury cars that have a timeless elegance.

For example, Rolls-Royces are incredibly popular as limousines, as are many classic Mercedes models. These cars represent a sort of elegance that many cars are missing these days. They’re made of heavy, sturdy steel and classic lines. Cars now have certain advantages over those cars, though; they are faster, lighter, and more fuel-efficient. Also, cars now have engine control units that monitor the engine and tell you when anything goes wrong. That’s why many modern cars are also popular as limousines, and they are certainly more popular as stretch limousines. It wouldn’t be practical or economical to stretch a Rolls-Royce, but you can definitely stretch a lighter, modern car. So, which one is right for you? Well, it depends on the occasion.


Limousines are very popular for weddings; in fact, that’s one of the first things many people think of when they think of limos. Deciding on the right limo hire in Perth depends on your personal style. If you only want yourself and your spouse to be in the limousine, then you’ll probably want one of the classic sedans. These luxury vehicles are classic and stylish. However, if you want your entire wedding party to fit into the car, then you’re going to need something a lot bigger. That’s where a stretch limousine comes in. These tend to provide a bottle service as well as other amenities so you can essentially take the party on the road.


So, for a party or school prom, you’re going to want enough space for your entire party. Also, you’re going to want the space to move around and visit with your friends. That’s not the only reason to select a stretch limousine for a party though. When it comes to black-tie events or other formal events, women often end up wearing very elaborate gowns.

Though these gowns tend to look very good, they’re sometimes very hard to move around in. That makes getting in and out of the car difficult. It even makes sitting around in smaller cars difficult. For that reason, people often opt for stretch limousines so there is enough space for dresses.

Also, stretch limousines tend to have doors that are farther away from the tires. The tires and the area around the tires tend to collect road grime. You can very easily stain a wedding dress or a ball gown this way. However, even the sedans tend to have wheel covers that protect dresses from being stained.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to pick the vehicle that fits your needs.

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