Pancha the tour guide from the other day graciously offered us one of his drivers to take us around, and show us with the rest of the bali. So today.

We’ve got a really busy day lots of things to see, and a fortune we don’t have too much time left in bali. So we have to fit it in all in today. So this is the royal palace here in bali if you guys ever need a tour guide in bali definitely check out bali customized tours our guide that we have today is fantastic, and pancha is unbelievable we’re.

So thankful to have met him bali royal palace something like that fantastic well it turns out the giant wall why we need to go as far as tank giant turns out the wall we walked past was the royal palace Abby. And I have such high standards after visiting like anchor wallet after seeing. So many huge temples in Thailand.

And So this is beautiful it’s extremely well kept in like very peaceful. So this is the royal palace it’s pretty. But we ready to move on if you take a look at the temples here it’s actually a representation of cellphone bars.

So it shows the climb of getting your high reception, and then the very large disappointment of losing bandwidth Abby’s pulling me away giving the viewers a bit of history on what used to be said in the Balinese tribes that you had low bandwidth she didn’t have 3G internet speed you were an outcast in the tribe what last year so. We’ve been driving up a hill for a while now, and we’re about 20 minutes away from the temple we’re going to see here it’s on the 50000 currency in Bali, and it’s actually like a giant temple near Lake, and it’s high up in the mountain. So it’s been the temperatures like way chilled down here a lot more fog up here well.


We’ve just arrived here in ulun danu which means Mulan means top, and Donna means lake. Because it’s a lake up on a mountain it’s chilly really up here. I actually could use the Jack.

I’ve never been. So cold well in Asia the temperature in Bali’s fluctuates so much like.

We’ve had some really hot times, and a lot of like overcast bully genes right now yeah. I could be like wearing clothes from back home yeah it’s a wee bit cloudy. I think that’s the new Jason Derulo Sun it’s called welcome to cool Anton Oh boom boom boom that’s some serious squad goals squad huh there it is kind of thought it’d be bluer.

So this is the big old temple of water it was everybody. But it wasn’t ready back no. I want your money back this kind of is a bit smaller than.

I expected, and by that. I mean a lot smaller we’re gonna yeah the bright side is the fish over here so much fog here holy Toledo just when.

I was concerned. I wasn’t gave going to get my money’s worth this showed up some sort of a singing Ranger. I’m gonna get out of here before.

I get kicked up by security that made the trip here totally worth it oh my gosh this one looks like half fox half deer like actually yeah that’s what doesn’t make noises yep don’t like alright we gotta get Nancy back to the car she’s getting cold. So we just arrived that jutsu lui Falls. I’m sorry she’s.

We’ve just. We’ve just arrived at just Louie rice terraces, and they’re over there in the distance it just started raining pretty hard. So luckily.

We’ve gone umbrella all right drive it is, and yeah it’s comparable to stop up. Because of the weather. I pictured it being a lot greener but.

I think it’s. Because the sun’s totally hidden away yeah there’s one of the workers over there almost looks like he’s got a GoPro mount on his hat why not it’s really nice you’ve been able to see the whole countryside of Bali. So far.

So right now we are out in gentle owee breaks terraces, and it’s ringing quite hard. But the rain should probably be done any minute now. So Jutta Louie rice terraces is a UNESCO site, and what that means is actually protected by UNESCO whatever that stands for, and no one’s allowed to build hotels here you can’t build houses here all the traditional farming methods have to be preserved.

And So they kept it to the locals which is really nice. So you can see the black parts all burnt they actually after getting a full crop they’ll burn all the remaining pieces. So that they can replant, and start it all over again.

We’ve been dropped off at the top of the point, and we’re going to walk down check out the terraces from the bottom. I think they actually plant everything by hand still. Because it’s UNESCO site they’ve protected not only the land.

But also the way the farmers used to farm. And So everything is hand spaced, and they plant the crops up, and they do it again year after year making rice for all of Indonesia, and other countries as well it’s raining out, and we’re just following this path we have no idea what its taking us to. But our our hopes are high the optimism is with us, and we’re going to keep following it for a couple more minutes come on let’s go this post will be called Abby bales in the mud hello would you like to drive us back no.

I was really hoping for the bail the viewers needed that Suns really beautiful right now it’s nice to have a bit of Sun after being stuck in the clouds for a while. So we’re back on like sea level. So it’s not it’s nice, and hot again, and the temperature is actually just perfect Abby.

And I like napped on the way here we were like. I I was out of it. So sleepy.

But we’re here at 10:00 a lot, and it’s apparently one of the best places to see the sunset in Bali we just got some corn for a dollar najin toothpick stuck on my teeth this is beside time a lot. I actually don’t know what this one’s called. But it’s all part of the same park what’s like it’s called tipping nope that’s just dangerous cliff never mind that’s not the name of it.

But it’s beautiful it’s like a temple on it it’s like a natural bridge it’s really cool, and then over there is where we’re going to go off here which is kind of lot the main temple out of all the temples. We’ve seen today this is by far the nicest one just such a serene feeling to be over here. Because you’re in between multiple sides of waves, and the Sun is setting in the background Wow Wow.

I don’t know what’s. I won’t work for. I want more corn – that corn was really good we got extra salt, and extra pepper it was a team effort why always gotta call me out on Kirk on camera we have salt there’s no salt in something else, and your traditional balinese gate we learned about that thanks ponch this is a Nescafe.

I do it again drink it drink it like you mean it nice finger nice pinkie babe this is the brand placement. I showed you love nest cafe we’re here at tanah lot. And I was just telling Abby the reason behind the name.

So it’s called time a lot it’s. Because people come here, and they tan a lot, and a lot like you know like canning how did the ocean say goodbye to its Sun when the Sun had to go to school he waved guys. I don’t recommend this.

But we are in a no, and and we’re sitting like out-of-bounds like literally out of bounds like the cutoff the cutoff was this there, and we literally broke the rules, and we don’t even care we have just been reading the sunset like what the nicest stunts that. We’ve seen in Bali. But it’s also for the only sunset.

We’ve seen you’re balling. So it’s an easy title tonight today’s blog is brought to you by nest cafe Nescafe keep drinking. I’m gonna get some more corn.

I’m gonna get some more corn huge shout out to Nescafe for sponsoring me. I want to thank my parents as well for keeping my head on my shoulders, and not allowing the famous gets my head both whatever feeling exhausted from your hike up the strenuous staircase Nescafe now in dog flavor new Nescafe are you tired, and out of energy have a Nescafe feeling grouchy try a Nescafe there’s no. But you go surfer dude look at them go into sit right on gnarly dude.

So this side is that little natural bridge, and on this side is tanah lot temple it’s cool it’s just separated from the land it’s on an island, and you can see they’ve built up the temple all the way to the top we’re gonna go take a look. I think. I guess.

Because of the sunset there’s tons of people over there waiting for the sunset. So we’re going to avoid going over there, and just stay over here where there’s less people, and probably a better view this is. So beautiful healer we got more corn, and we are reading the sunset in a relatively secluded area it’s actually such a nice sunset it’s like a golden orange anyways, I’ll see you guys after we just watched like one of the most entertaining sunsets, and it’s not.

Because of the sunset. So those two guys over there have been doing like a full-on photo shoot we assumed they must be partnered by now. Because no dude like Bros would do that they’ve been like.

So many pictures like the whole like look away shots from behind the back shots the leg crossed arm shot yeah this is beyond hilarious by now like they’ve been going at it for about ten minutes. I’m sure their memory cards getting pretty close to full. But we also watched the family do like a prayer here, and then they went swimming in the ocean like cleaned themselves off, and then there was a little baby husky, and his owner hanging up there, and though he like the owner had to drag his dog into the ocean to get it washed it was hilarious.

I picked it up, and hurried into the ocean dog electronica yeah the puppy didn’t want to go in the ocean but I can’t blame them it’s pretty cold in there that’ll go down as my most entertaining sunset we are going to follow these guys once they come here don’t tell them that’s so cool.

I’m. So interesting it’s the same family that was cleaning off in the ocean. So they’re obviously doing some sort of like a spiritual cleaning ceremony.

We’ve seen a lot of ceremonies here in Indonesia. I guess going back to the huge communities they have. So they’re very community oriented.

So anytime there’s like a young boy becoming a man a girl becoming a woman or a funeral the whole community comes together, and the content ceremonies. And We’ve seen lots of ceremonies going on on the side of the streets in the towns, and even in little villages. So it’s been pretty cool this was my favorite point today by far you saw a lot of cool things in Bali a couple of the things were really cool.

But it’s just hard to compare to what. We’ve seen. We’ve been to Angkor Wat.

We’ve been to Thailand within to Cambodia. We’ve seen. So many beautiful large temples.

We’ve seen. So many sprawling you know temples, and everything else. So for us to have seen some of the Balinese traditional palaces it was a bit underwhelming at times just because.

We’ve seen. So big things such big things. But all like as a whole that date is awesome there’s.

So much to see in Bali we only saw a fraction of everything there is to see. But if you guys get the chance to come here. I highly recommend coming to town a lot it’s time a lot the castle which we saw or the temple on the island over there, and it has that really cool bridge with an amazing viewing point for the sunset, and yes this is our last point for the day our driver who has been awesome was.

So kindly provided by pancha if you guys come to Bali. I’ve said it before make sure you give ponch a call if you need anything Airport pick up to driving around the city checking out the tourist points checking out the main attractions there’s so much to see, and Bali’s not very well constructed for transit.

So pretty much the only way to get around is by driver, and if you need a driver definitely call pancha. So, I’ll leave the phone number, and the website to contact him below. I couldn’t stress it more he’s been.

So awesome. So, and this is mr. Doo ah mr.

Doo ahh has been our guide for the day, and he’s been off Abby. And I were lugging our bags around for the longest time, and we’re like almost ready to call it quits, and then we come down to this place, and like we saw it online that it was pretty cheap it looked nice. But it was almost too cheap for how nice it looks.

So I didn’t really believe it, and then as we’re walking down we see two backpackers. And I’m like asking like oh are you guys checking out, and they’re like no we’re not gonna stay here it doesn’t look very nice, and then Abby. And I just got here to check out the room cuz we were already down here like we might as well take a look, and this is the room like.

I don’t understand what you could not like about this place. But if you’re a backpacker like this is heaven like. We’ve literally stayed in things that look like someone’s shed this is amazing.

So yeah nice. So we’re pleasantly surprised to say at least we paid 230,000 which is only like 15 US dollars. So it’s quite cheap, and we need to get some editing done tonight.

So this is a perfect place to do that we’ll go get a bottle of wine maybe, and let the editing begin after hours, and hours of editing, and hardware it is up part two, and this is just my little Instagram 15 second promo clip to get all my Instagram followers on to my my blog page one other table environs. So they’re actually asking us what songs we want to hear so. We’ve got our own personal request should be all night long yeah.

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