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Where we’re having fun still what do you guys think of lawyers new hair color oh god. I didn’t changer the blue one out we have some Jurassic Park style leaves for scale here’s my hand here’s leaf this morning Haley was in like a bit of a light sleep. So I thought I’d give her the pleasant opportunity to be awoken by my serenading, and she thought it was from her dream.

So she got mad at her friend for singing in her dream. But it was me, and holding hands you guys this is our last breakfast here no we have to leave here today. I know right roommates the threesome the squad maybe not we’ll drop the first name.

But things will never be. So good. So good.

So good. We’ve been rooming together for like how many days now fine yeah almost yes. I did she literally slept next to her bed.

We’ve seen a lot of each other she walked in on me in the shower just a second ago. I was actually trying to go to the bathroom things move really quick with adaptive itches for those of you who are coming to Bali you’ve got to check out Vila Quinn ja vila do sun to incredible establishments they will redefine what it means to vacation. I have not had this relaxing of a time in ages don’t cry.

Because it’s over smile. Because it happened he wants it or not in the post Rob’s like. I want to be the post.

I’m very nervous on post he has no choice. But yeah we just said bye to Rob we had the most amazing time staying at his villas. But now we are off, and we booked ourselves like a four bedroom it is a villa yeah thing yeah it’s kind of like an open house is pretty much a house seminyak is just back to back to back villas, and you would never know it.

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Because from the street view it just looks like vendors, and like you know traditional housing. But then as soon as you take like a left down an alleyway it’s like villa available house available like everything here is like fairly upscale luxury properties available for rent yeah it doesn’t look like it from the outside yeah yeah this is going to be a two point turn together here. But all right tucked away in a crazy alleyway hello look at this alright every rock in here Wow really big along here yeah just what this place is still be founded really last minute.

And I think. I was like 125 us ok like one genican really eight people yeah that’s what 135 us to keep intruders out more glasses oh yeah that’s nice little touch they just put the serrated pieces of glass on the gate. I feel like this looks like nine oh two one oh you know like that scene like the Cali lifestyle like music’s blaring party’s about to start.

I’m joining you in there 30 hours later you watch get to do the watch going 40 yo Angelique how are you welcome to you absolutely lit no. I just like took an executive decision. I was like.

I’m gonna book something it’s 125 US dollars we’re never leaving. I know that’s what. I said.

I’m like. I don’t want to leave. I was going to say you have something good for me today.

I’m gonna cry if it’s broken yeah you guys there’s a new member to the family to the turkey family. I haven’t named him yet. I think.

I have a couple names running through my head yeah. I packed it with a bunch of clothes yeah no. I like your style this should be fun.

I flew it in my little room just like it was sitting on my heart of it. And I was like you wouldn’t do he’ll never know oh my god that’s the Mavic oh my that’s in my friend oh my gosh DJ. I shipped it to my house but.

I was already gone. I was in Bali, and somebody okay. I need this thing for Bali.

So I expedite ship while my parents did they really hooked it out my sends it directly to Sawyer’s place. So excited oh this is beautiful oh wait. So this here is the new Turkey.

I’m a name name yet the normal sized drones like cumbersome annoying to carry then there’s this yeah here’s this look at the lenses here. I brought a 35 mil cine prime for like portrait important yeah 14 mil for expansive landscapes yeah that makes sense sculpey a 2 x adapter to get twice the zoo Komodo dragons on this 7204 Komodo dragons that make sense yeah crazy this bag must be heavy did you get a waterproof for the 1 DX no but I brought a waterproof for the g7x ok solid these are going to be like the highest quality travel blogs anyone’s ever.

So excited to have it here what you guys yeah moment of truth what does it doing the prop seconds himself yes. So I have to use this ugly cable. Because my Google pixel doesn’t have like the iPhone plugin, and Apple poor, and you’re, and you forgot yeah the other cable not that.

I could use it. I couldn’t have used it anyways. But it’s working, and that’s what matters guys.

We’ve come across the best surprise. I’ve ever seen it’s gonna bark as soon as. I get closer.

But there’s a wiener dog oh my gosh look how cute it is oh it’s looking at the girls oh my gosh t-minus 15 seconds guidance is internal twelve eleven ten nine ignition sequence start six five four three two we have a liftoff 32 minutes past the hour all right guys. So we have stepped out of paradise, and into another paradise where we going Beach baby. I just asked the local.

I was like what’s the fastest way to do sunset apparently this is it they built the sidewalk sewage ducts this is cool, and voila. I give you the beach beautiful catching the last few glimpse of the Sun for today just trying her best, and that’s all that matters Oh things are going from bad to worse that’s where their dreams are going dreams, and aspirations to the ground yes yes yes yes yes yes yes oh it’s going, and it’s good don’t be why that was beautiful well guys the Sun is set, and we are in one of the world lotta beautiful places relaxing enjoying some bintang which is the local beer here which hand. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else in the world right now.

I mean. I’m just. So excited.

I’m. So glad we have other influences here with us it’s just like there’s a special connection, and bond we all have. Because we all deal with the same things the good things the bad things of my blog we all have.

So much in common like things that people would never think of. And So whenever you mean another influencer you typically hit it off right away, and this is going to be what we’re up to for like the next two, and a half three week okay. So I just when you thought you saw it all wow your hand burning no three, and a half kilo this pizza is not in your top five you’re eating for free reowww how do they just like take your word for it well hopefully not.

I don’t know this is number six yeah you guys. We’ve become. So close unless phrases been sleeping in my room every night, and she saw him about today.

I want to walk she has even talked in the bathroom door she’s like. I’m gonna come on it guys. I wanted to introduce you to everyone that we’re going to be travelling volley with for the next like two weeks or.

So I’m gonna start right here what’s up you guys know me Montreal yeah you were in the material blog cuz. I’m exploring with Cody if you don’t know part of the exploring crew one-fourth of it to be exact basically. I go to a cool band in places all over the world while also daily blogging you know subscribe yo you guys already know me if you don’t, and you should subscribe to me my name is Josh probably exploring exploring with Josh we go to a band places here you know when he said play except we’re taking it to the next level today in Bali with everyone else we’re gonna explore other stuff Bennett Ravi abandoned bus gonna be profitable to tropical abandon the chopper abandoned the banner been abandoned Hartman.

I jumped in fours everyone’s boring made. I make short films, and Charlie Diaz, and stuff, and if you wanna check him out. I wouldn’t be opposed hi my name is Angela Cooper.

I do beauty, and fashion lifestyle, and young come on be a bully okay. I was supposed to be last oh what’s up everyone my name is hailey dasa bitch find me. I’m a baby new travel blogger, and lifestyle, and fitness, and health, and inner child, and we adopted you that is the squad.

We’ve been through so much together we have talked about so much.

We’ve seen so much each other literally see you hopefully next time in our side of the world Oh see you in Canada yeah Canada May 2018 was like a baby yo. I want in these Canada plans you guys no fun of the day yay.

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