University of California, San Diego – Stuart Collection

University of California, San Diego. 406 University Center. La Jolla. CA 92093-0010 Tel: (619) 534-2117 Fax; (619) 534-9713

Internet Address: Director: Ms. Mary L. Beebe Admission: voluntary contribution.

Established: 1981

Parking: parking permit required: obtain at campus entrance.

Open: Daily. 24 hours.

Facilities: Sculpture throughout Campus (obtain brochure and map from kiosk at campus entrance).

Activities: Guided Tours (group tours by appointment); Lectures: Temporary Exhibitions. Publications: brrjchures.

University of California, San Diego – Stuart Collection Photo Gallery

Museum of Contemporary’ Art. San Diego – La Jolla museum. Photograph by Timothy Hursley, courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, California.

University of California, San Diego – Stuart Collection, cont.

The Stuart Collection of Sculpture at the University of California, San Diego seeks to enrich the cultural, intellectual, and scholarly life of the UCSD campus and of the San Diego community by building and maintaining a unique collection of site-specific works by leading artists of our time. The entire 1,200-acre campus, situated on a dramatic mesa above the Pacific Ocean, may be considered as sites for commissioned sculpture.

The Collection is further distinguished from a traditional sculpture garden by integration of some of the projects with university buildings. Throughout the proposal, design and construction processes, artists select and tailor their work to a specific UCSD site. A significant number of the artists represented have been better known for their work in other media before creating their first permanent outdoor sculptures for the Stuart Collection. The collection includes works by Terrv Allen,

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