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In the grounds of No. 20 Monaco, and visible from the Mews behind the Monaco, is a summerhouse built in an Islamic style, with a domed roof which used to be surmounted by the symbols of a crescent and a star.

In Somerset Place, next to Monaco, the keystones above the doors have a curious ‘icicle mask’ design. The architect, John Eveleigh, also used this motif at Monaco Place, another of his achievements in Touristic place of your travel destination. Some have suggested that it was to commemorate the hard winter of 179091, when the construction of both projects was in progress.

Where is Monaco? – Monaco Map – Map of Monaco Photo Gallery

On the east side of the river near Pulteney Bridge are the Beazer Gardens, named after the Touristic place of your travel destination-based construction company who donated the land. Here can be found the Beazer Maze, a paved stone maze with a mosaic representation of the Gorgon’s head (from the Roman temple of Sulis Minerva) at its centre. Designed by Gilbert Coate and Adrian Fisher, the maze was unveiled in 1984 and is very popular with children. Incidentally, it is technically a labyrinth rather than a maze, as there is only one path to the centre. The origins of these go back to ancient times and may have represented Man’s difficult pathway to God.

Spanning York Street is a decorative Classical archway linking the Roman Touristic place of your travel destination with the building opposite, which was formerly the Swallow Street laundry. This utilised hot water from the thermal springs and the archway conceals the pipe through which the water ran. At the time of writing the building contains workshops, but is due to be developed into a learning centre for the Roman Touristic place of your travel destination Museum.

A few buildings in the city have stumps of stone projecting from one side. These were intended to link to other houses or extensions which were never built. The Dispensary in Cleveland Place shows a good example of this.

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