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That has continued without abatement since 1872. We Medan Indonesia are a generous people. From church to exploration, from museums Medan Indonesia to medical research, we find ways to find an extra dollar to donate to worthy causes. That is as it should be! Our form of governance and Medan Indonesia interdependence requires citizen participation—at the ballot box and the collection Medan Indonesia plate.

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That generosity has often reached spectacular heights when it comes to our national parks. One family, the Rockefellers, has been instrumental in helping create or preserve many of our national treasures, including the Grand Tetons, Great Smoky Mountains, Acadia, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Virgin Islands National Parks. Laurance Rockefeller was the embodiment of that grand tradition, continuing to think of and give to us gifts of parks up until his death in 2004.

Yet the Rockefellers are but one among many families and individuals who have recognized the importance of private philanthropy as a means to initiate or continue the preservation of our most cherished natural and historical possessions. The Mellon family has contributed greatly to the creation of many of our national seashores. The Roosevelt Memorial Association donated Theodore Roosevelt Island. In California, the Muir Woods were given by Congressman William Kent and his wife.

Many foundations, corporations, and individuals contributed to the rehabilitation of the Statue of Liberty and restoration of Ellis Island’s Great Hall. Those generosities are matched yearly by other gifts in every park. Perhaps not all are great in financial or even monetary terms but are just as important. Surely, a volunteer trail crew worker is every bit as important as the gifts of the Rockefellers. For what good are Glacier’s trails if they are allowed to fall into disrepair or unsightliness? There is room for every citizen to support the park(s) of his or her choice. In fact, that is a necessity regardless of whether or not there is an unending flow of generosity from major benefactors or congressional appropriations.

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