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Life is inherently complex. The life we live is also absolutely unique. From the moment we spring into existence to the moment our last breath slips free of our body, we are experiencing a world in a way which is fundamentally different than every other person who has come before us or who will follow in our footsteps.

This fascinates me and fuels my curiosity. After all, it is profoundly difficult to slip into another person’s shoes and to explore their world view. As we gain access to the lessons they’ve learned from key individuals, parents and mentors, experiences which differ greatly from our own, we augment our understanding of our own lives.

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I engage with business leaders, inspirational thinkers, and some of the world’s greatest artists and explorers on a regular basis. Insatiable curiosity has been the key that has opened these doors. The success that I’ve found while chasing that curiosity has come from charting my way and viewing my experiences through a practical lens that constantly digests, evaluates and incorporates each new lesson learned or experience lived. This has led me to explore more than fifty different countries, cultures, and ways of thinking as well as helped me navigate through a diverse and rewarding business career.

This blog is my attempt to take a wide cross-section of carefully crafted observations and share them with you. Over the following pages I run through thought exercises that have the potential to change how you understand and relate to the world. I explore life lessons and hard-earned realizations about what makes a person successful in life and business while dispelling commonly perpetuated myths. I will take you through an exploration of key relational observations which I find are re-occurring themes in people’s lives. I draw upon my experiences as an expat, a sojourner, an exchange student, and a travel writer to share with you some of the most powerful lessons and observations that have come from a life shaped by extensive travels.

What you’ll find in the following pages is a series of sections written in the voice best suited to deliver the message. At times I’ll share personal stories and life lessons with you. In other sections I’ll share general observations or deep dive and explore topics from a more traditionally academic perspective.

Through it all, my aspiration and commitment to you is to provide a cross-genre exploration of what it means to work towards being a well-rounded individual. This blog will help you better understand and accept yourself. It is crafted to help you see the world through a different lens and to understand and garner life lessons learned while digging into oft-avoided topics and truths.

Practical Curiosity is an exploration of the mind of a generalist and an exercise in embracing voracious curiosity. It is about mastering self-doubt, overcoming fears, embracing personal development, and charting a course that doesn’t treat success as a zero-sum game. I’ve incorporated concepts that are old, others that are in vogue, and some pulled from the leading edge of emerging scientific discovery. This blog is a tool to help you digest, contextualize, and incorporate many of these concepts as they apply to lifestyle, business, relationships, and travel to achieve a more successful and fruitful life.

As you navigate the sections in this blog, view each as a piece of a puzzle that gradually builds and fills in gaps. Use each new section to engage with and understand the next. Through it all, evaluate each observation and exercise not just as it relates to your own past experiences, but how it helps you move forward along your path to success.

Pick two friends or family members, one who is very similar to you and another who is very different. As you digest each concept put yourself in their shoes and explore how the section explains their world view and how the two of you interact.

As a final step ask yourself how you’d explain the key takeaways from that section to both friends. This process of summarizing, applying, and discussing will increase the value you draw from each section.

Thank you for entrusting me with your time, your curiosity and your open mind.

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