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From London (4 days, 151), get studious in Cambridge (1 day, 211) and Oxford (1 day, 202), then take to the Cotswolds (1 day, 210). Love all things Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon (1 day, 208), and move on to party in Manchester (1 day, 216). Trip down Penny Lane in Liverpool (1 day, 220), home of the Beatles. Cross the Irish Sea to Dublin (3 days, 568), the latest international favorite, and daytrip to the Wicklow Mountains (1 day, 581). Run the Ring of Kerry (2 days, 591) circuit before listening to crack in Gal-way (2 days, 596), the culture capital.

Take in the murals at Belfast (2 days, 604) and from there it’s back across the Irish Sea to Stranraer, energetic Glasgow (1 day, 248), and nearby Loch Lomond. Then jump over to historic and exuberant Edinburgh (3 days, 238). The Lake District (2 days, 228) offers scenic diversions, and historic York (1 day, 223) completes the journey. Return to London to kick back with a West End play and a glass of Tetley’s bitter.

Explore the gorgeous clifftop villages of the Corniches (1 day, 378) before hitting the world-famous casinos of Monte-Carlo (1 day, 378). Take a breather by relaxing in the placid waters of Finale Ligure (1 day, 676) and hiking through the colorful villages of Italy’s Cinque Terre (1 day, 678). Admire the architecture of Genoa (1 day, 674) before oohing and aahing over Florence’s magnificent art collection (3 days, 710). Check out the two-toned duomo of Siena (2 days, 725) and indulge your gladiatorial fantasies in capital city Rome (4 days, 626).

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