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Wet Weather Considerations Should you happen to be in your tent when it starts pouring or a storm breaks, you could choose to stay put and try to wait it out, assuming you don’t have a schedule to adhere to. In time the storm will subside. Cooking or pursuing any activity is naturally a little more difficult during a downpour, although it certainly can be done if necessary, and occasionally must be.

More often than not, inclement weather only amounts to some light rain or drizzle, perhaps with an occasional shower. There’s no reason to let this interfere with daytime activities, which can still be comfortably enjoyed as long as you’re properly dressed. It’s your decision whether to shorten or postpone activities in wet weather. There’s surely no harm in taking a rest day and remaining in the tent if you want to.

On the other hand, if you’re involved in longdistance travel you may have a schedule to follow, and perhaps will have to proceed whatever the weather. Or you may want to go anyway. Unless rain or other weather creates a truly hazardous condition, however, it shouldn’t present a real problem or spoil your trip.

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