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So we think the locals give us permission they don’t really speak English. But we’re temporarily borrowing their wooden bamboo platform, and we’re gonna fly the drone from here Cambridge to Boston this isn’t work she’s lasted have come from right Oh you in oh he is that cigar heeey we are swimming on our own around the most beautiful cliff face in some of the most beautiful water if you’re coming to the Philippines make sure you go out of your way to come to Quran it’s not really that easy either in seven hour boat ride from El Nido or a fairly expensive flight. But if you have the resources or the time it is definitely worth it this is what you get here no not them they don’t come with this.

But you get this view 41 on second thought don’t go into crime lords got bit by a fish that was like a full-on like yeah there’s a fish at very territorial steamed up, and make yeah you are the one who can carry on a vision you are someone who can change the world then to wait around, and let it slip away cuz it’s all you’ve got stand up, and make any shots amazing Lagoon. But we’re all getting burned now we need to find someone to tow us back like we will not make it back in one piece if we try to paddle back to Quran Abby’s got burnt shoulders. I’ve got a burnt scalp.

I’m pretty sure Heidi, and Jackson will be Tomatoes pretty soon let’s get back there are so many beautiful lagoons not enough skin cells to last it well guys we really did today we went out there we got lost rented a kayak, and had no idea where we were going look at the cat taking care of his kitten oh ho ho Dean lateen Booga dude you’ve hired on one of these fellow gentleman he for four hundred pesos he’s gonna take us in that back to their children sometimes scary it just yeah yeah yeah this one’s name is Martin he’s named after an NBA player. So take good care of your son yeah you have a very good youthful life ahead of you good luck best wishes enjoy Quran that is the ride let’s go give me a thumbs up oh that was nice.

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So we’re getting towed by the boat. I thought we’re gonna get in the boat we’re tying a boats to their boat shiver which is definitely weird yeah he got this we already lost one No the breeze my kind of guy acting like this looks. So funny you guys are just sitting there like going.

I don’t like. So except for me. I am as.

I got lucky we are back the dive resort is where we rented this from well technical difficulties Irving had. I feel accomplished for having kayaks all the way over there like. I can’t even imagine what it would like to have to come back Heidi, and Jax were saying their friend did it both ways.

But apparently she also did it alone. And I was like well that’s probably why she made it Abby. And I were like at each other’s throats by the end of like arriving, and she wouldn’t paddle, and then she get mad at me.

Because whatever we love each other still no supporters sir do it we got discount right his motor got stuck, and a rope one of the anchor ropes. I guess he’s just paddle us in the final countdown it costs 400. But we gave him 420 blaze it Abby all right guys we just ate a WG diner, and what do you think they got some silver goodbye guys let’s go back to the room.

I just bought some aloe vera, and a little gauze pad my burn is not. So great. But what is great is my bed being in the sell day has really taken it out of me.

And I just threw my phone on the ground. But seriously nothing beats a nice bed after a full day out thank you so much Sophia’s garden resort for having us we’re.

So fortunate to have been able to stay here for the past three nights if you guys are new to the blog make sure to hit subscribe. Because there’s. So many more cool posts to come.

I’m not ending the blog just yet but. I’m gonna go do some editing, and maybe nap see you in a bit. I put it on my snapchat re there’s the biggest lizard.

I’ve ever seen. I don’t know where it went the one time. I don’t have my blog camera on me the reptile gets away longer than my hand.

And I had disgusting beady yellow eyes it was just staring at me. And I like it was big enough. I was like kind of scared right up there alright they’re showing me another gecko, and D things hugging it that’s a big one Wow, and right on the other side gecko number two chicken cordon bleu, and fish-and-chip, and our last night in the Philippines almost like you’ve two days in Manila.

I have four guys we’re gonna be separated. I haven’t told. I haven’t told them where.

I’m going though it’s a secret should be separated properly. And So I do you guys have missed you. I’ve had an amazing six weeks, and seven weeks for me.

I’ve had an amazing three months Thailand the Philippines amazing combination if you guys are coming to Southeast Asia. I highly recommend those two countries that’s the end of the blog for the night guys, I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning, and let’s get lost against moles all right let’s go let’s get lost in tomorrow morning the lizard is back he’s seething with hatred son of the day time to session Oh.

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