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This post, I’m gonna get to see some of Kyoto’s highlights. It’s gonna be a good day. Let’s go. Just a couple hours outside of Tokyo, is beautiful Kyoto. And this was once the capital of Japan, and once the home to the Japanese Emporer. I’m now at the Nijo Castle, which was built in the 1600s for the first Shogun of the Edo period. And I cannot wait to check this place out. Right here was the check in point for the Shoguns.

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If you wanted to enter the castle, you had to drop all your records here, so you could enter. Behind the Nijo Castle is this garden. And in the garden is a pond with some wildlife. But the best part, is, I get to be here in time to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. Many Japanese believed the cherry blossoms, also called the sakura, are symbolism for the transience of life. I’m now ae the Kinkaku-ji Temple, which was once the home of the Shogun before he retired into priesthood. My favorite part of the day was to see the Golden Pavilion. It was very, very beautiful, very magnificent.

And I love the reflection of the Golden Pavilion in the water. Now this this is where I would like to live. I’m not sure why people are throwing coins, and they’re aiming for this black bucket. I think if you get it in, your wish comes true. I’m here at the Heian Shrine, which is a Shinto shrine built in the late 1800s. The colors in here are so bright. But they actually all have a meaning. The green symbolizes eternity. Orange is for prosperity, and the white is for purity. This has been such a fantastic day. From the temples, to the shrines, to the castles. This is the perfect way to see Kyoto.

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