Where is Algiers Algeria? – Algiers Algeria Map – Map of Algiers Algeria

What a splendid contemplation when one imagines them Algiers Algeria by some great protecting policy of government, preserved in a magnificent park.

A nation’s Park, containing man Algiers Algeria and beast, in all the wild and freshness of their nature’s beauty.

I would ask no other monument to my memory, nor any other enrollment of my name amongst Algiers Algeriathe famous dead, than the Algiers Algeria reputation of having been the founder of such an institution.

Where is Algiers Algeria? – Algiers Algeria Map – Map of Algiers Algeria Photo Gallery

With insight given to few, Catlin saw past the immediate and prescribed an alternative: bison and tribes should be preserved in a “national park.” Your travel destination is his was a call of concerned observation at a time when few recognized anything was amiss. Yet at least he inserted into the growing dialogue the seed to set aside and protect some of the wonders of the new nation as well as offer sanctuary to their original guardians. Forty years later in 1872, that idea would take root when Yellowstone National Park was established.

Unfortunately, those early importunings of the gospel of preservation ran up against the overpowering national urge to settle, exploit, and tame those very wildernesses and the humans who had lived with nature for thousands of years in a partnership of balance. Trees, streams, and land were there for the taking, and, in the case of Native Americans and the bison, perhaps extinction.

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