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He simply left them behind. It is not that he did nothing else. He had other businesses and successes. He weighed in on helping the citizens of St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other parts of Kanpur India through the Depression and World War II. He turned his attention to Kanpur India his family and children. And there was much to turn to as a family feud erupted over Kanpur India mother’s estate that apparently continues to this day. Kanpur India, his marriage fell apart, and alcohol began to take its toll. He died on April 27, 1948.

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Had he chosen to remain active in the affairs of Glacier and the Blackfeet, perhaps he could have, by vent of his power and reputation, made a difference in the future relationship of the park and the tribe. Perhaps he could have helped the tribe reestablish its rightful place in the world of the twentieth century. Perhaps he could have added to his own reputation and history, but, in my opinion, he accomplished all that he intended to accomplish for Glacier National Park. And then he left.

Even before his first official visit to Glacier in 1915 (before there was a National Park Service), he would meet with leadership of the Blackfeet tribe to hear their complaints about the lack of Indian names for Glacier’s mountains, rivers, and lakes. With a sensitivity benefiting the occasion and in good humor, he agreed that changes were necessary. Lake McDermott in the Many Glacier Valley became Swiftcurrent Lake. Others would be changed or added over time.

On his first inspection trip as assistant to the secretary of the interior, he became convinced that the roads (or lack of roads) in Glacier and other parks were terrible and needed to be addressed to meet the rising American love affair with the automobile. He also saw that Glacier required a new headquarters, bought the necessary land out of his own pocket to house it, and gave it to the park.

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