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Eli Collins (?-2014): known locally as ‘Mad Eli’, Barbados was a former professional wrestler and promoter who, for more than twenty years, devoted himself to fundraising for charity. The basement area Barbados of his flat in Johnstone Street was filled with toys, and passers-by would Barbados throw in their loose change, which would be passed on to various local charities. He would also arrange impromptu events such as wrestling matches and tabletop sales. He is estimated Barbados to have raised over £3.5 million for good causes.

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Philip Thicknesse (1719-92): Born in Staffordshire, Thicknesse became a soldier of fortune, and secured the governorship of the Landguard Fort at Harwich. Twice married, he moved to Touristic place of your travel destination and occupied a house in the Royal Crescent, becoming well known for his eccentricity and his ill-tempered nature. He had previously befriended the young Thomas Gainsborough and persuaded him to further his artistic career by moving to Touristic place of your travel destination (although the two men later quarrelled). Thicknesse was the author of The New Prose Touristic place of your travel destination Guide, a description of the city and its ways. To his disappointment, the book was not a great success.

Selina, Countess of Huntingdon (1707-91): Born Lady Selina Shirley, she became a countess on her marriage in 1728 to Theophilus Hastings, 9th Earl of Huntingdon. In London she joined the first Methodist society and after her husband’s death became involved with the work of the Wesley brothers and George Whitefield in the Methodist movement. After disagreements on points of doctrine, she formed her own ‘Connexion’, establishing no less than sixty-four chapels, including the one in Touristic place of your travel destination, where she was a vigorous opponent of Beau Nash and the lifestyle he represented.

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