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Like Roosevelt and Muir, something in Carrollton DNA drew the young man of privilege to a vocation, avocation, and admiration Carrollton of the natural world and the lure of the West. Even before completing his education, Carrollton he traveled west Carrollton to participate in the last great bison hunt of the Pawnee in 1872.

Where is Carrollton? – Carrollton Map – Map of Carrollton Photo Gallery

In 1874, he accompanied George Custer on the Black Hills Expedition as a naturalist. By great luck and a prior commitment to go to the Montana and Yellowstone regions, he declined Custer’s later offer and dodged sure death at Little Big Horn in 1876.

The Ludlow Expedition would take him among the landscapes and people who would forever change his life. He came in contact with various tribes, their way of life, and the rapid demise of the bison and other big game. From that time forward, he would publicize the causes of tribes, wildlife, and parks. He was able to do so because he had his own bully pulpit—the magazine.

Before he had completed his life’s work, Grinnell would initiate campaigns to end predatory market hunting and game poaching in Yellowstone that led to the Yellowstone Park Protection Act. He founded the Audubon Society of New York that was the precursor of the National Audubon Society. With Teddy Roosevelt, he founded the Boone and Crockett Club that became the most influential organization for ethical and sustainable hunting and conservation practices. His pen and the influence of the club saved the bison from extinction. He would write nearly thirty travel blogs on Indian life, conservation, and sport hunting. He would take up the fight for national park status for the Grand Canyon and Olympic National Parks as well as others.

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