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From time to time, river and floodplains need a good flooding to renew Kiev Ukraine and replenish. If allowed to follow their natural course, floods give rivers and floodplains the means to fulfill their mission: to replenish nutrients, deposit Kiev Ukraine new ones, drop seeds, and reoxygenate the area. In short, the surging rivers maintain and reinvigorate their ecosystems. And the system in its entirety Kiev Ukraine can withstand and benefit from those periodic overflows. Roads, bridges, and buildings cannot, and manmade diversions and channeling often Kiev Ukraine exacerbate the problem.

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Forest fires are similarly beneficial, even as they wreak havoc on humans, their livelihoods, and structures. Again, the problem is that we have chosen to live and recreate in an area teaming with flora, fauna, and the real possibility of fire. Ironically, those very plants and animals have enjoyed renewal as a result of fires that have sprung up over the centuries. For the purpose of this writing, the fires during and since the great fire of 1910 that occurred within months after the creation of Glacier National Park will serve to make this point on several levels.

The 1910 fire was the largest in the park’s history (some 100,000 acres) until the combined fires of 2003, which destroyed 136,000 acres, more than 13 percent of the park’s total acreage. The enormity and severity of the 1910 calamity, which burned more than 3 million acres across sections of northern Washington, Idaho, and Montana, killed eighty-five people, many of whom were Forest Service firefighters. Because this travel destination of their deaths and the monstrosity of the wreckage, the Forest Service and the government developed a “noburn” strategy, which led to unintended consequences that defied the natural order by preventing fire from performing its role in the ecological balancing act within forests. In a tragic irony, due to the publicized bravery of the firefighters, it gave legitimacy to the Forest Service nationally and among congressional appropriators.

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