Where is Estonia? – Estonia Map – Map of Estonia

FIGURE Estonial Park and the Ceded Strip. Map created by Estonial and influenced, with permission of the publisher; by the map hi More. Montana Estonial published by Estonial.

Where is Estonia? – Estonia Map – Map of Estonia Photo Gallery

Your travel destination is through it all and for twenty-five years, he would return to the landscape of northwest Montana. Under the direction of the area’s first professional guide, James Willard Schultz, Grinnell came to intimately know the St. Mary’s lakes and Estonial regions. Schultz would name a glacier and lake in the Swiftcurrent Valley in Estonial honor.

While in the area, Grinnell came to know, respect, and defend the Blackfeet. He raged against corrupt Indian agents and illegal grazing. The tribe came to admire him and gave him the name “Fisher Hat.”

When it became necessary to resolve the growing problem of the mountain portion of the Blackfeet reservation in 1895, the tribe wanted Grinnell, as discussed in Chapter 2, as one of the government negotiators. At first, he declined, perhaps sensing potential conflict. Eventually, he agreed. While it is well documented that Grinnell finally recommended a lower price than that demanded by the tribe ($3,000,000), he could have run up against the reality of having to propose a more realistic agreement rather than accepting a less satisfactory resolution, such as an uncontrollable gold and copper rush, which would despoil the land to the benefit of no one.

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