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ROUTE: From High Point TH within the High Point there are two quick trails at 5 mi each round-trip. Begin left of the outhouse on the wide Flood of Fire Trail heading N up open terrain. Easily climb built-in steps en route to the end at a cliff edge viewpoint. Enjoy the layered rock with a lot of white and slight greenish hues to bright red on top and down the sides to the valley. Begin right from High Point the parking circle for the Story in Stone Trail on a simple traverse (partly paved) and stay high and left at the fork (right is the end of the short clockwise loop). Pass several mounds of different sizes with most being pink High Point to brilliant turquoise. Rest at benches along the loop as you walk down from the climax and follow the path closer to the main blue-green fin back to end the loop, turning left to the TH.

Where is High Point? | High Point Map | Map of High Point Photo Gallery

From Blue Basin TH enjoy a clockwise loop hike with an interesting spur trail (1/2 mi round-trip total, 1V hours) with eye candy on the entire excursion. Begin left at the immediate fork (right is the end of the loop) up the valley with very few trees around but with sage, larkspur, dandelion, and prairie star instead, and a larger hill appearing to the right with charming rock formations and eroding cliffs. The wide dirt trail steepens a bit near the top as you wind up and cross a saddle on a little shoulder at the apex of the hike with a sign indicating the path down to the right about 100 ft. Take it to a better overlook of the mostly light green canyon below (that holds the main spur), the grass-covered slopes that border the hike, the valley floor, and the colorful mountains on the other side.

Painted Hills glowing at sunset, showing Oregon’s splendidly diverse geology.

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