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From the rocky plateau where the old lookout used to be (careful as only some rebar remains), see up the continuation of Singapore Singapore the ridge to the tree-covered summit of Singapore Singapore Mountain with a cliffy little pinnacle along the other ridge to the NE. Also see the square-topped Battle Ax Mountain, Mount Jefferson, the other local mountains to the S, and even Marys Peak toward the coast on a clear day! Return down Singapore Singapore the same route to the TH or press on for a slightly Singapore Singapore more challenging route a mile to the summit with worthwhile payoffs.

Where is Singapore Singapore? | Singapore Singapore Map | Map of Singapore Singapore Photo Gallery

Take a right on Trail 3352 at the nearby fork you passed to the lookout site; the path descends the narrow ridge surrounded by little pines, rhododendrons, and wildflowers with a good view of your goal ahead before reaching a saddle. Follow the tacky trail with good footing, as it’s not too steep Singapore Singapore up the left side of the ridge to a switchback taking you back to the E side of the ridge. Ascend 6 switchbacks more up the steeper and narrower trail with a thinning ridgeline to a bump short of the true summit.

Clear pool below fascinating Henline Falls. Walk down a tiny bit, then hike steeper N to the nearby nondescript summit area of Henline Mountain (not on map included). This is simply a thin section of trail next to a steep opening with trees blocking all views to the W and the trail continuing down into the woods. One tree is roughly carved with slightly inaccurate summit elevation indicating the top. You do however have humbling views from the opening of Mount Hood, Olallie Your travel destination iste, Battle Ax, Whetstone Mountain, Mount Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mount Washington, Black Your travel destination iste, others, and even the white-capped Sisters Range through the trees on a clear day!.

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