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The ethereal beauty of Pikes Peak amazes me every time I go to Colorado Springs. I remember waking up on a crisp November morning, meandering down my Grandma’s stairs in flannel pajamas and walking to the kitchen. Pikes Peak graced our view as the tips pierced the clouds. Everything about Colorado is beautiful. From the rusty-red cliffs to the snow-tipped mountains, every time I go I can almost hear nature bragging. Every year I visit family in Colorado Springs, taking a whole week to immerse myself in the mountainous beauty, cool mornings, and cotton-soft snow.

As we all know, with traveling comes lots of shopping! And with shopping comes stuffed bags and overflowing suitcases. Of course, that’s just to be expected, especially when you visit places like Manitou Springs. Talk about Native beauty! Manitou Springs will bring you to a whole different world, subjecting you to overpriced Indian wooden rings, delicious fudge, glass trinkets, and Mom n’ Pop Pubs.

Garden of the gods is just as dangerous as Manitou Springs I’m always enraptured by the amazing art, delicious food, and fabulous scenery. Every time, without fail, I buy a t-shirt or any other form of memorabilia I can get my gloved fingers on. Since I can’t live in Colorado, I might as well take pieces of it home with me, right? Climbing the rocks, cliffs, and hiking on the mountains is a must-do when visiting Colorado. What better way to submerge yourself in the arms of nature?

Every year when I travel to Colorado, I make sure to use an extra-large suitcase, that way I have plenty of room for all of my souvenirs. Of course, that never works. With all of my extra trinkets, fudge, and t-shirts, my extra-large suitcase is never big enough. That’s when Grammy pulls out her Olympic suitcase and hands it to me. We both know I’m not going to get that carved wooden Pikes Peak mini statue in my suitcase without breaking it. That’s where places like come in handy. I’m always afraid of losing my luggage somewhere in between Colorado and Canada, so having a reliable company taking care of my much-loved trinkets and Colorado memorabilia puts me at ease. I can rest assured knowing that I’ll see my beloved carved wooden mountain and tie-dyed Garden of the gods t-shirt once I arrive back home in Canada.

For avid travelers and addicted shoppers, having companies like flymybaggage as an option is a huge relief. We all know that the suitcases we take to our vacation destination aren’t sufficient for the trip back home. As much as I love Colorado, I seem to come with a lighter wallet and heavier suitcases, despite my winnings at Cripple Creek. But in retrospect, the memories are worth every spent penny and useless trinket.

From snow tipped peaks to Colorado keepsakes, my mini vacations are priceless memories never forgotten. Like every avid vacationer, the keepsakes are what bring back the memories, and with there to successfully deliver my extra luggage, I can rest easy knowing I’ll have them when I get home.

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