Amanbagh Hotel Reviews, Rajasthan, India

Amanbagh Rajasthan, India 

Amanbagh is located in rural Rajasthan (northwest India) From New Delhi, it is possible to travel to Amanbagh by car, train or helicopter India. Amanbagh is located in rural Rajasthan (no. From New Delhi, it is possible to travel to Amanbagh by car, train or. From Jaipur, it is a two-hour journey to Amanbagh by car (last miles on a bumpy road). A majestic driveway leads to the hotel entrant The property is set in a tranquil oasis of lush greenery in a remote valle;

Let’s tour the stunning lobby and public areas. The hotel has the layout of a walled palace shaded by palm and eucaly.

The lobby pavilion is chic and elegant. Here, guests are welcomed by the resort staff with an ancient Sanskrit prayer song. The name ‘Amanbagh‘ is derived from. The Sanskrit word for ‘peace’ (aman) and the hindi word for ‘garden’ (bagh). One side of the lobby features the concierge desk. The area around Amanbagh is popular for cycling, and bike rental is available at the resort. The lobby’s other side features the reception area. Check-out is done here while check-in takes dace in the room.

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Amanbagh is managed by Aman.

Aman is known as the world’s most exclusive hotel brand. The first Aman resort was built in Phuket (Thailand) Named Amanpuri, the exclusive sanctuary became instantly popular among the jetset. Named Amanpuri, the exclusive sanctuary became instantly popular among the jetset. Currently, Aman manages more than 30 hotels worldwide. The group continues to add awe-inspiring destinations to its portfolio.  This is Amanbagh’s only dining room. Weather permitting, meals are also served al fresco on the terrace. The dining room features a grand setting.

With soaring ceilings and colonnades, it overlooks the resort’s pool area. ceilings and colonnades, it overlooks the resort’s pool area . The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Food at Amanbagh is delicious (I’ll show several dishes later in this clip). Amanbagh also offers unique dining experiences. This includes a romantic dinner on the library’s rooftop terrace (also shown later). You won’t see guests in this sequence. I filmed this right after sunrise as not to disturb the other guests :-). The fabulous design is the work of renowned architect Ed Tuttle. Tuttle is also the mastermind behind other Aman resorts. This includes Amanzoe in Greece, one of the world’s most spectacular hotels. In Amanbagh, Tuttle achieves a near impossible.

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amanbagh hotel reviews rajasthan india

He fuses Aman’s minimalist modernity with the opulent grandeur of a Mughal. In Amanbagh, Tuttle achieves a near impossible Dalance.  Tuttle’s design gracefully blends with the area His masterpiece at Amanbagh is the spectacular main pool area. The hotel is built with local sandstone and pink marble. Grand domes, scalloped arches, and intimate courtyards reflect India’s golden age. Towering palm trees are incorporated in the building. This adds to the sense that this property has been here for many years. Amanbagh is fairly new thoi. The property opened in 2005. Aman manages two ultraluxe properties in India.

The other hotel is Aman-i-Khas, a tented sanctuary near Ranthambore National Park. I previously uploaded a clip of Aman-i-Khas. You can find this video in my Youtube folder ‘Aman Resorts’. Aman junkies are not always ultra-wealthy people. I would rather spend my money on 2 nights in an Aman than 2 weeks in another hotel. I am looking forward to Aman’s two upcoming o’ Aman New York and Amanvari in Mexico’s Baja California. Aman also recently announced three Saudi Aral.

This development will be located near Al Ula, a UNESCO World Heritage 5. Are you an Aman junkie?

Drinks and snacks are available poolside throughout the day. The pool area offers great photo opportunities . The main pavilion’s pinkish facade permanently reflects on the pool’s flat surface. I publish 3 newsletters per week about luxury travel. A wading pool is located behind the spa area This swimming pool is only 12 m (40 ft) long. The wading pool is great for families with young children. This guarantees a quiet and peaceful ambiance at the main swimming pool. The pool area is surrounded by domed pavilions. These pavilions house the rooms & suites (shown later). Let’s return to the main lobby pavilion.

There are more areas to explore that I did not show so far. The library features an elegant and classic decor. It’s A perfect space for catching up on seme reading about Rajasthan. The library offers a wide selection of entertainment Books, newspapers, magazines, games and DVDs are provided. The library opens to a stunning rooftop terrace. The rooftop is elevated above the courtyard that is flanked by the bar and dining room. The terrace provides sweeping views of the pool area It’s a view that has been featured in countless travel magazines. With only 40 rooms & suites, the hotel feels very intimate.

All rooms & suites enjoy an aesthetic that references the property’s regal past. All accommodations occupy sandstone haveli structures. They have either private courtyards, rooftop terraces or verdant little gardens. I stayed in this room during my. Room category: Garden Haveli Suite. Tip: get free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso. This includes an upgrade, daily breakfast, and one lunch for two . The suite features a cozy sitting area It is furnished with a daybed, coffee table, and two chairs. A writing desk is located in the suite’s center. The desk is surrounded by majestic Mughal arches. The king-size bed is raised on plinths.

It is draped in 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets. The bathroom is clad in green and yellow marble. It is equipped with his and her sinks, a bathtub, and a shower cabin. The sink and bathtub are carved from Udaipur. This green marble is very famous for its color and beauty. The sink and bathtub are carved from Udaipur marble. Bulk-size toiletries are provided. This allows Amanbagh to significantly reduce its waste footprint and environmental impact. The suite features a classic and pink decor. The vaulted entrance, domed ceiling and scalloped windows add a romantic touch. Amanbagh also features 16 pool villas.

These pavilions have their own private swimming pool and spacious gart. It has a terrace looking out over the walled garden. The suite is located on the ground floor. The monsoon season starts from July and extends till September (and is best avoided). The spa is set in a domed pavilion near the pool. Highly skilled therapists offer a range of therapies. Complimentary yoga & meditation sessions are provided. They are expertly delivered by an in-house Ayurvedic doctor and yoga practitioner. A tropical downpour soaks the resort grounds. It’s the perfect time for a delicious lunch. Night falls. Amanbagh exudes sheer luxury and serenity after sunset. Local musicians perform nightly at Amanbagh. They entertain guests with folk songs during dinner time. Dinner is served at the main pavilion. Traditional Rajasthani dishes are combined with chefs’ favorites from across India.                                                

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