Hey from Blue Orchid resort 5:30 in the morning we’re checking out, and it’s time to go canyoneering in body body on canyoneering yes.

I’m Kristin they see me too here’s the wicked run morning all right we’re getting set up for canyoneering we’re like right next to what looks like a giant rooster fire the world’s most efficient alarm clock there’s no sleeping, and it’s being done around here Mimi is ready to go. I am going to be canyoneering today with a mirrorless camera. I don’t think many people do that probably no one does that.

But that’s how. I’m gonna get the best footage possible. So let’s do it.

So this is Ryan, and this is Joon our two guides for the day we’re very excited he could tough that’s what’s up now see you in the ring we are off let’s go canyoneering let’s go guys down here here’s the very beginning this is where the Falls begin you can either jump here, and go down there or if you want to man up the big jump is over there you will power wait what am. I get to sit my it is on display my Ben way to go Ben when coil then when oil where to go then you have way back by don’t go waste, and overweight. I’m not trying to be.

I don’t think it time. I see. I look like.

I’m like carrying my camera above my head as. I swim through water, and my waterproof case which is not a very good one it’s ok it clogs up. So I can’t use it.


I’m going without any protection right now should always use protection always all right my guide is showing me another way. Because we’re not jumping with this camera. I behind you yeah it’s gonna be epic Wow II.

I woke up in a friend’s place Oh this wheel. I just. I just know.

I just. I just. I just.

I just Oh Oh there we go yeah Abby live the epic live the epic yeah just say. I don’t do epic living the epic that’s really cool just in the middle of the body on Canyon, and you can get food here on the side kind of silly we’re doing a 40-foot jump not as big as one earlier. But it’s beautiful the water is like Gatorade here it’s all lit up from the Sun perfect conditions look at that you got to do it you’ll be on my blog three three, and a half one, and off you go.

I should be a motivational speaker. I just talked to off the ledge see you guys that’s what happens when you follow your dreams we saw these guys in Boracay, and here we are in Calais on falls good to see you guys again you’re almost out currently floating in the water holding my gh4 putting a lot of trust in my life jacket here my life is on the line here Florie you know they say right yeah passing what did they say you gotta risk it to get the biscuit for me we’re almost there slowly picking my way for sure this is just beautiful blue water look at this this is the tallest jump in all of body on canyoneering. I think.

I said 60 feet or like 16 meters who’s going to be the brave one to do it first one holy moly he came up well guys the only one left is Abby. So we’re going to wait for Abby to jump off 15 meters guys that is a big jump, and we just saw someone jump right through that hoop Abby’s next. I respect those who jumped.

I’m not going to be jumping today guys. I have a strained defibrillator it’s been an ongoing issue the past month. So I can’t jump to Danforth.

I talked to my physiotherapist, and he recommended. I go. So really unfortunate.

So Laurie jumped on that great waterfall he actually cut to the bottom on the way down. I give you callus on fall this here is the biggest waterfall in all of the body on area maybe. I’m making that up.

But it’s the one you always see at the end look at the water cows on fall thumbs up subscribe it’s good the Oh there’s nothing. I want more right now yes that looks. So good thank you body on penny nary a meal of you, and canyoneering this is an amazing thing to do if you come through Cebu.

I have officially found the world’s ugliest shoe it’s the croc sneaker. I can’t even Oh baby let’s do it to go to go disco let’s go. So what a wicked day it’s only like twelve.

But it feels like it’s been a full day we just finished paddy on, and it is unbelievable you guys are out in this area make sure you use body on canyoneering great company great guides, and amazing day you guys have to do this Hey it was. So rickety like trying to cross the bridge. I felt like we’re gonna fall off hey Abby social experiment will the rooster react to the GoPro Clarence the rooster yeah one day he will fight in a various battle to the death Laurie your turn be very careful Clarence is a delicate hopefully one of the best things.

I’ve ever gotten on film. I’m sorry parents you’re on your own the roosters are going off now they’re like possessed they’re like there will be blood alright guys we were just leaving body on canyoneering it was an amazing day now we’re getting on a bus, and we’re going to Cebu City about a three, and a half hour bus ride. So it should be a fun one Abby always sleeps on buses.

I don’t know how she does it you could apply boo madam don’t worry madam my fazil he owns all of this he planted every single tree every little bush that you see with hand planted by my fuzzy when seed at the time.

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