BALI TOUR Rice Terraces Cat Coffee

So this thing will produce two kilograms of coffee beans a year. And it will make the world’s most expensive coffee, it’s a weird-looking cat.

And we have just checked out, we’re meeting up with our tour guide Pancho. And he’s gonna show us around he’s with Bali customized tours. And we only briefly met him at the airport but he seems like an awesome guy his English is like phenomenal he works at a hotel.

So he’s obviously learned while dealing with really high-end clients. And he’s just honestly. So nice like.

I can’t get over it and. So yeah it’ll be awesome to have him show us around Bali from everything from like the scenic sites to the beautiful culture here. And yeah, I’m really excited.

And then after that around 2 p.m. 2:30 p.

M., we’re gonna check in to our hotel. And, we’ve been invited to stay at the sand glamping tents which, I’m just.

So excited about they’re actually just. So beautiful how are you we stopped at the coffee plantation a record. And Shover, we’ve just arrived at where we’ll be reading a traditional Balinese dance.

So, it’s now Act two of five. And I don’t know how much more. I can handle of this like.

I’ve never really been one to like dances or plays so much. So wasn’t really made for me but.

I definitely feel like this is a huge storage trap, it’s not part of our tour guides tour he just drives us around. And basically asks where we want to go you mentioned there was a dance where like he’ll check it out but I definitely think that was the wrong decision, it’s like nine dollars.

And, it’s uh yeah, it’s basically just a giant tourist trap that’s the end of that it was about 45 minutes maybe an hour Bradford Clements felt like 2 hours it was kind of brutal you’re making like a clock for a dinner table or is it a can be that damn it can be clothes can be. So no. So the little beads are silver.

BALI TOUR Rice Terraces Cat Coffee Photo Gallery

And the string is copper yeah we even figured out. And then we. And where does it come from, I’m broken you what me already.

I did. So, we’re here at a little village where they actually do a lot of refining of silver. So the silver isn’t actually mined here but, it’s sent in here to be turned into beautiful jewelry.

And, it’s fairly cheap. So Abby just bought these two gold. And silver bracelets for $30 each.

So, it’s really hard to tell if you got a good feeling about because they make it sound like you do but you never really know how much margin they’re actually making on it but they’re really beautiful. And they’re real silver. So so, it’s a three men two women.

And five five in total Bible oh wow interesting for the name of the family there will be always a block of war small walls to block the speedy darkest fear leave in the spirit is talking to split the power before anyone could eat their meals they have to put aside offering. So this here is a bit of rice a little cracker. And some flowers just put to respect the gods.

And pancha was saying that every traditional balinese home will have a wall after the entrance to stop bad spirits from coming in. So this is really cool just seeing how the traditional balinese live poncho just told us that this is a traditional home that would be just one family. So maybe a couple their father their mother.

And a few kids. And every single home in traditional bali had their own temple okay. So this is a middle-class home.

And they’ve got multiple buildings that just kind of sprawl across this little area, it’s cool every day their family here because we still in value we should be able to Kate should be after me okay. So then they will sit down here playing anything if something that lasts at the mountain yeah in family they will always play here. And they pray at 6:00 in the morning 12 listening.

And then 6 p.m. 6 p.

M.. So every 6 hours.

So every home has a living quarters a place to keep the livestock. So they’ll usually have a pig because once you’re done eating you can give the pig pretty much anything. So, it’s easy to keep them well-fed this is the kitchen you can head loop they using these three.

And they also have three holes one two three yeah everything in this is one are you here sleep at the word under there here about here normally they boil the rice in the middle yeah. I know some vegetables here. And on the right they have four big yeah cook here in here or somewhere here here happenin children come back from school or they just run out here.

So you don’t you don’t eat together you didn’t eat okay interesting yeah. And with this be clay yes clay yeah is elevator yeah. So they grow their own herbs.

So the surface. And if you don’t have a petite. And this one this play is called some boom if you don’t have you know.

I don’t want to be something else our body then we will make it with the water we cross squeeze like a Jewish in. And we drink oh it makes you hungry yeah. And then sometime.

And in traditional for ironing we use the coconut for the fire. So this is the back. And this is where they keep all the animals.

So they’ve got ducks oh yeah they have a big, it’s a big Winker hey buddy Pancho is saying that, it’s an extremely social society here in Bali or at least traditionally it was. And even though this is one house unit shared by one family there’d be other units you know just outside. And actually everyone work together whether it be sharing food or attending each other ceremonies.

And celebrations. And funerals. So you give the example funerals where if someone passes away everyone makes it a thing to do to attend.

And they bring like a kilogram of rice a coconut they’d maybe give it a you at one u.s. dollar as like a you know condolence.

So, it’s very very you know communal Bali has three main gods there’s the god of creation the God of protection. And the god of destruction. And, we’re going now to see one of the temples, I’m actually not sure which god this is more abut this is a local temple different from the in-house temples.

So this here is a traditional Balinese game. And you see it a lot actually, it’s really cool it seems like it here the rules before entering please stay away during your period. So that thank you people.

And you stay behind you is female power. And then once you look at this you’ll understand why because this is male power. So, we’re inside the inner court which is the most inside of the temple.

And, it’s really cool you can actually see the roof structure, it’s just basic sprawl that’s piled really quickly like, it’s like two feet of straw to make up the roof. And obviously it just keeps the water out and. So is do they are they scared of the squadra do they praise the Scott yeah and.

So they believe this turtle here causes earthquakes you know becoming the foundation of the earth yeah. And then my two dragons. I see and.

So they scream life when there’s an earthquake to try to calm him. And yeah calm them in it to make sure that people interesting. And we are now heading on to the next day the next stop is the cat coffee and.

So I’ll tell you more about it later but basically the most expensive coffee in the world comes from Bali. And, it’s made by cats. So our next stop here is traditional Balinese paintings.

And they’re extremely detailed painted by hand here. And one really cool thing to do that. I probably do one day when.

I have money. And the houses. I come back to Bali or somewhere in Asia.

And just buy lots of furniture you can get really good rates. And get extremely cool artistic. And well made furnitures.

And paint. So, we’re heading to the cat coffee place. And what’s.

So special to cats is they actually will scout out the best coffee beans. And they’ll digest them. And before, it’s fully broken down.

I guess the cat either passes it up somehow. And then the beans the coffee beans are collected after they’ve been through the cat and. So obviously the digestive system has some way of making the coffee beans have a unique taste but, it’s also the fact that they pick out the best beans and.

So anyway this is looks more like a raccoon to me or a possum okay. So this thing will produce two kilograms of coffee beans a year. And it will make the world’s most expensive coffee, it’s a weird looking cat.

I thought yeah. I thought it was gonna be like an actual house cat. So here is the excrement of our cat.

And this is what we’ll be drinking later it looks like an O Henry got little beans will they bite you you’re a weird-looking cat man, it’s like a raccoon. I don’t think, I’m gonna let you into my house. So these ones are just to show the guests what the cats actually look like or so-called cats.

And the wild ones are the ones that actually produce the coffee beans for the expensive cat do coffee. And they live in the plantation way back there somewhere and. So every day the farmers will actually go around the forest ground looking for any cat poo.

And they’ll collect the beans from there. And that’s the ones that are used in the coffee yeah they’re kind of like a like a possum or a ferret ferret a big ferret yeah. I’ve really never seen anything like it.

So here is stage one of the beans well actually stage -. I guess they cleaned off most of the -. And then they clean it up even further.

And that is the bean that will be used in our coffee today coffee bean yeah coffee bean after roast it there yeah this is the process next process is to punch them kill them here yeah. And then after that we put all the pounds nobody can let me shake it like a shaker to get the finest powder finest polish oh yeah they roast the beans they bring it over to the mortar smash it up. And then shake it off to get the best power cool welcome to the cat cafe how may.

I help you this looks good fantastic. So now you’re gonna daughter. I’ve done it from the yellow one come on in.

And saffron shake well versed in tea another. And a penis at vanilla coffee amazing thank you so much we got all these different kinds of coffee engineers to try out.

So we just ordered a Luwak coffee which is the coffee bean that passes through the digestive system of the Asian svet which is the. So called cat. I wouldn’t really call it a cat yeah.

I’ve even heard of this in Vancouver back in Canada people talked about cat food coffee but I never thought I’d be able to try it like this this is cool top. So how does that work you release the pressure.

And that it read rains back through yeah, it’s just in the bottom. I suppose was ranked by the subtlest a in that kind of time thank you so much first let you have the Destiny in without sugar without sugar yeah without suit at another level yeah Appanna cocoa oh time to taste the digestive system of an Asian svet oh, it’s really good.

I like it, it’s not like super dark, it’s kind of a lighter coffee, it’s really good did you like you said you like the ginseng tea legend say you can have it because. I have other game that’s chocolate spice, it’s interesting yeah they’re actually also good coconut coffee coconut tea. And ginseng tea are my favorite.

So far is it good bye this is worth the trip to Bali in itself as if things can get any better we now have a tray of three different kinds of chocolate orange vanilla. And milk chocolate that was like definitely one of the coolest things. I’ve done in Asia like just a really really fun experience like to have this nice gourmet coffee.

And chocolate just be served to us. I highly recommend coming here if you do the tour in Bali it’s so cool.

And all the coffees are actually free. So that whole taster kit was free the only thing we had to pay for it was the cup of cat poop coffee which was like five dollars. And we split the cup.

So super cheap yeah if you get it back home it can be as high as like twenty five dollars for a cup of that. So cool to say, we’ve tried it. I actually did like the taste.

I didn’t love it. So, I’m not gonna be like oh. I need that in my life but it was cool to say.

I’ve had some cat poop coffee. So funny, we’re just like walking out. And then Lauren notices there’s something laying here, it’s a giant snake that’s not that big.

And then right behind us was this guy. I didn’t even notice him just chilling. So, we’ve just arrived at the rice terraces here.

And they’re kind of different from Savas rice terraces they’re a lot brighter. So these are the rice terraces. And unfortunately we don’t really have time to go up there.

So, we’re going to come back maybe in two days or. So because we got a few days in ubud but we want to check into our hotel because we had a two o’clock check-in. And, it’s about 3:30 now Hill takes about half hour to get there.

And it’ll give us two hours left of sunlight to enjoy very little villa, it’s actually. So beautiful today’s been an amazing day Pancho’s showed us all around bali giving us the inside tips how to travel bali showed us a ton of the culture. And just an all-around great day.

So huge thank you to bali. And bali customized tours i’ll leave the link below for getting in touch with pancha turned up a little bit of off-roading to get here, we’ve just arrived at sound out glamping tents yes, it’s been awesome thank you so much anything just let me know we will today was an amazing day like honestly one of the best days, we’ve had.

And Bali’s off to an amazing start. I really want to thank Pancho for showing us around he’s an amazing tour guide if you guys are looking for a tour guide to look to go around Bali he’s definitely your man I’ll leave his website. And his phone number below if you ever coming to Bali he customized everything for you.

So if you want to see the coffee plantation if you want to see the Balinese dances if you just want to see temples whatever you’d like he’ll set up a tour for you at a very reasonable rate. And he’s just the best guy ever.

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