McEntee no just reading some business in Africa. So today is a bit of a late start it’s 4:30 last night.

And I had a rough morning last night we went out, and we went to the. I don’t even know what it is it’s a world early. I guess rich businessmen go.

Because we saw. So many geishas. I saw a few yeah anyways we saw geishas, and what a Geisha is as you probably know the girls the women who cover their faces, and like the white powder.

And So they’re completely pale, and contrary to popular belief we checked it on Google they’re not all prostitutes there is prostitution kind of link to it. But generally they’re actually very well trained, and well educated women who are there for companionship. So they basically they learn formal dances they learn how to direct conversations, and keep conversations flowing, and what else did they do did a few other things.


But yeah that was cool Lauren. I with it being 4:30 we need to get some food. I’m.

So hungry. I literally just laid in bed we got kicked out of the room earlier this morning. So he could be cleaned.

But as soon as they clean it that went back to sleep. I’m not feeling 100% today is a rainy day here in Kyoto which is why we went, and got these welcome back to Abby, and Kristin take on Japan yeah we are back to where we were yesterday you’re in the mol it’s like right now in your our hotel, and we’re just killing time right now. So massage chair it sounded like a nice idea all the rivals Kodak has their own little camera here, and it’s supposed to do 360 degrees it’s kind of crappy.


But it’s a really tiny one wouldn’t counted it doing anything, and then this is like next to go crow this is the biggest rival would be the Sony but I can’t say. I’ve ever seen anyone using them this is it here.

I don’t know if. I like the shape either it’d be harder to mount onto stuff. But yeah kind of an awkward size, and shape speaking of cameras.

I actually just got a message from my mom, and GoPro has sent me their newest camera which isn’t even a release to the public yet it’s called the GoPro session, and it’s basically like a hero for. But it’s this big. And So it’s everything’s waterproof you don’t have to like put on the separate waterproof housing which is pretty cool.

I’m curious how the audio is gonna sound. Because it is watertight that’s really cool see. So wherever.

I moved the GoPro stabilized it’s like five hundred dollars that’s pretty expensive that’d be. So cool you guys are on, and you guys like sweet footage as a staircase is completely lit up with rainbow staircase rainbow all the way, and this is the Kyoto train station the main part please. So big thank you.

So we’re gonna grill our own food tonight domo arigato it’s so good. We’ve said gyoza, and you actually it comes free stuff.

But it keeps it warm yes thank you what is that it’s a lot of ice-cream for it always. I’m so full that was such a good meal, and now which had three scoops of baskin-robbins ice cream good way to end off the night we’re gonna have our lock tonight maybe go watch a movie do try to get editing.

I always say that, and then. I get no editing done. But maybe we will see you guys there Laure bitch better have my money they are selling mallets.

So you can hit your toes is how they advertise it. I don’t know why but I also don’t know why we’re back here in the mall we’re gonna go back to the massage chairs gonna test the mallet out a little bit put it on your crotch oh that’s.

So creepy yeah they should sell these together it could be the self-harming kit this pretty much sums up my trip to Kyoto yeah. I woke up in a new Bugatti. I’m looking good with my kicks no idea what they do or why they’re here.

But welcome to Japan jeez it stinks 350 bucks, and all it does is like grab onto your skin it like rolls your skin got Christiano Ronaldo backing it, and then these girl this thing no idea what that does. But this is like $200.

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