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airlines in the world 9

We’re looking at the world’s best airlines in 2022, as selected by Trip Advisors, annual Travelers Choice Awards.

10, All Nippon Airways This Japanese Airline, Headquartered In Tokyo

airlines in the world

Cracks the top ten with an average tripadvisor rating of 4.5 out of five. Based on over 8300 reviews. In operation for over 65 years, a country’s largest airline by fleet size has had plenty of time to perfect their customer experience, but don’t let their age fool you. Their planes are by no means airborne dinosaurs. Customers frequently compliment the level of comfort and attention to detail. Some of their jets are even Star Wars themed. One comment that repeatedly comes up is the quality and selection of food served on their flights. Rahman is apparently a must try.

9 Jet2.Com The Numbers

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don’t lie, and while may be tied with an A at 4.5 stars out of 5 /, 20,000 reviews gives more weight to that rating. Of course, even more noteworthy is the fact that this British company has managed to soar into the top 10. Despite being a budget airline, low costs, relative comfort and quality customer service. You aren’t generally supposed to be able to check all three boxes simultaneously, but somehow gets it done. There is no inflight entertainment. The food is modest and the seats don’t recline, but reviewers tend to be pleasantly surprised by the comfort of their seats and the remarkably ample legroom compared to most budget flights. Most importantly, people rave about the customer service and friendliness of the staff flying to over 70 destinations within Europe from 11 basis. Of operation, the airline offers a Great Bang for your buck.

8 Air New Zealand

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This nation might be modest in size and population, but its flag carrier and namesake airline has risen to international acclaim. Founded in 1940, Air New Zealand Core Fleet, number 65 planes, which including subsidiaries, fly over 50 destinations around the globe. Though people sometimes comment that the economy class seating is a bit cramped, customers can generally find very little else to complain about. They rave about the fantastic service. And the premium economy option is generally considered to be great value food and drink in flight, entertainment and staffed by just about the most friendly people to ever take to the skies. Air New Zealand is apparently just an all around great choice. Oh, and did we mention their safety posts? They tend to be quite memorable. Thank you for embarking upon your journey with Air New Zealand. May your path always be guided by the light of the stars and may the future bestow upon you all the happiness and adventure our Middle Earth has to offer.

7 Azul Brazilian Airlines

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It might be a relative newcomer to the industry, having only been around since 2008, but during its relatively short lifespan, Azul has made major waves in both its native Brazil and beyond that one international airline Azul has carved out a place for itself in the market by focusing on frequent flights and extending service to areas of Brazil that have historically been overlooked. That, paired with solid interline and code sharing agreements with numerous other airlines, has made Azul a force to be reckoned with. Passengers give high marks to its food, customer service in flight, entertainment, and the overall comfort of seats. Considering everything else, it’s managed to accomplish in its first decade of existence. We see big things for XUL on the horizon.

6 Southwest Airlines

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Many airlines in the United States leave much to be desired, both in terms of comfort and customer service. With four points, 5 out of five stars based on over 35,000 reviews. Southwest Airlines is clearly doing something to distinguish itself from the pack. Founded in 1967 and based out of Dallas, TX, Southwest is the largest low cost carrier of its kind anywhere in the world. With a fleet size of over 750 planes and flying to some 100 destinations, you’d think that customer experience would suffer. Under the weight of the company scale, but apparently not. People love the quick and easy check-in process and the fact that the company doesn’t charge extra for checked bags. A rarity with low cost carriers for many travelers, a single flight with Southwest Airlines is enough to make them loyal customers.

5 Japan Airlines Founded In 1951, Japan’s

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a flag carrier airline flies to over 90 destinations, 60 of them are nonstop domestic flights, while the other 30 carry you to major hubs around the globe. As with Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines premium economy is a popular option. Many travelers swear by it as it may, people are also quick to compliment the cheapest seat options, noting that they are far more comfortable than those of the competition. Passengers rave about the hospitality of the hosts. It seems that wherever you sit on a Japan Airlines flight, you’ll get a high level of service. As one 2022 reviewer put it, quote absolutely the best flight I’ve ever taken. The alcohol was free flowing. The seeds are incredibly comfortable. And the service was impeccable. Hoping JAL starts flying to every destination on Earth

4 Emirates

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This simply named Airline founded in 1985 and based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, is the largest of its kind in the Middle East. With 254 planes in its fleet and flying to over 160 destinations, 140 of them being non stop, it is truly a world class airline and given that the nearly 50,000 reviews on trip adviser average out to a rating of 4.5 on five. Well, a high level of satisfaction is clearly the norm. Emirates is known for their cutting edge tech and high levels of comfort. They were among the first airlines to offer inflight personal entertainment back in the early 90s, and they remained committed to innovation ever since. And if you’ve got room for luxury options in your budget, boy, can they ever accommodate.

3 Eva Air Based Out Of Talian International Airport

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Eva Air might be second to China Airlines in terms of size, but it’s number one in Taiwan. Families as far as customers are concerned, most passengers, regardless of the class in which they’re flying, comment on being pleasantly surprised by the space and comfort they experience, and the price points are apparently more than fair, especially considering the above average quality of the food they’re serving. Whether you’re flying solo as a couple or with children, it seems you really can’t go wrong with Eva like some of our previous entries, premium economy seems to hit the perfect balance of price and extra comfort.

2 Qatar Airways

airlines in the world

The flag carrier airline of its namesake nation. Qatar Airways clearly knows how to take care of its passengers regardless of their budget. Depending on the size and model of the plane, there are three classes of seat economy, business and 1st. If you wind up splurging for either of the latter two options, your seat converts into a bed. Even in economy, however, people tend to rave about the comfort and space between seats. The free 30 minutes of Wi-Fi for all passengers also earns the company a fair amount of gratitude online. Flying to 172 destinations across the Globe, Qatar Airways can carry you just about. Anywhere you desire and do it in style and comfort.

1 Singapore Airlines Topping Trip Advisors Global List For 2022

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Singapore Airlines is the island nation’s flag carrier and is synonymous with quality. Not only is it widely considered the best airline in the industry, it also appears on Forbes Top 50 most admired companies worldwide. And that’s across all industries. So what does such a high level of praise translate to? For the average passenger first and foremost? Unparalleled customer service and attention. To comfort. To quote multiple reviewers, quoting nothing is too much trouble, though. The perks of flying business or first class are enticing. Arguably, no other airline offers such a pleasant experience in economy. The reviews are in and when you fly with Singapore Airlines, you always come first.

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