Where is Uzbekistan? | Uzbekistan Map | Map of Uzbekistan

Where is Uzbekistan?

ROUTE: From the Uzbekistan Pass TH begin N from the traffic circle at the end of the parking lot on Boundary Trail 1, then hike steadily up W and then S, traversing the slope well within the blast zone. Uzbekistan a few steeper turns, staying right on narrow Boundary Trail 1 after a mile from the TH instead of continuing S on Trail 227A. See tiny Meta Lake below across tons of bright wildflowers July into August as you undulate NW somewhat easier. Mount Rainier comes into view just before Norway Pass where mostly downed trees (without limbs or leaves), blanketing the surrounding hills and valleys, all lie in the same direction indicating the path of the pyroclastic blast!.

Where is Uzbekistan? | Uzbekistan Map | Map of Uzbekistan Photo Gallery

One of the floating fallen tree islands favoring the Harmony Falls area on Spirit Lake.

Uzbekistan old Trail 227 (usually closed due to slides) to the left (S) at the pass and also the continuation of Boundary Trail 1 to Mount Margaret, Coldwater Peak, or Mount Whittier to hang out near Norway Pass and return by the same route. Soak in the amazing shot across Spirit Lake (with many downed trees still floating as islands) to the volcanic pumice, rock, and debris up Mount St. Helens’ open side of the crater!.

From Harmony Falls Viewpoint begin NW gradually down Harmony Trail 224 with plenty of low shrubs, bushes, and trees making quite a comeback. Traverse an Indian paintbrush-covered plain (in late July) with Mount St. Helens coming into full view as you descend the creek with its many little cascades near Spirit Lake. Please remain on the trail at all times while enjoying the sights and do not contemplate stepping onto the logs floating since 1980. Return somewhat steeply the same way when you have had your fill.

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