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Sex Tourism is an Olympic Sport practiced worldwide. The goals are simple…enjoying gorgeous young girls without attitudes, paying rock bottom prices, exploring sights around the world, and returning home alive, with great memories. The men participating are either pros who play the game for all it’s worth…or amateurs who are screwed over and eaten alive. Most girls in the sex industry have little education, but are armed with street smarts and experience. Many are nothing more than hardcore con artists. To them it’s a game to se.e how much they can extort from you, and how fast. This is their business. The trick is to be one step ahead of them. Anticipating the scams and ignoring the demands, dumping bad girls, and choosing the sweethearts. Your attitude and approach should be self confident and firm, be charming, have a cutting sense of humor, and bargain like a used car salesman. They have the goods, but we have ail the gold. Your goal is to become a Pro when it comes to spending it, and enjoying the fruits of being King around the globe.

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When you travel, keep a perspective of how impoverished the country and it’s people are. Most girls spend their days in a crowded one-bedroom shack with no AC, watching soap operas. The average monthly income for college graduates is barely $500. Accountants in Cuba make $10 a week. For us, in western culture we take women to dinner, movies, concerts, shows, buy them gifts, open their doors, and are gentlemen. When your abroad, NONE of these things will ever happen in the girls’ lives without meeting a gringo. Latin men are poor, women are treated like their property, and they interact with an iron fist.

Don’t be a pussy. If you spend any time with a girl, all the little things we normally do for a woman should be a fantasy date to them. From the moment you meet and interact, take inventory of her reactions. Star struck and oozing affection should be the natural response. The good girls all dream of leaving their country and living like this, and should be overwhelmed you are being so nice to little old her. Smiling, stroking, and a lot of crotch grabbing… the girls should be doing that as well. These are the women you should spend time with on your vacation. There’s great satisfaction in mildly spoiling a young angel who truly appreciates the thought you put into it. She recognizes your stature as a humble World Charity leader, and she will smother you with her top performance in the bedroom, hoping at the very least for a repeat date with you every night you’re in town. Hey, we all have a dream.

Then there are the sharks, the hardcore pros, who like children, will try to push you to see how far they can go. If she gets the slightest whiff that you’re content being a servant and a walking ATM machine, you may as well put your head between your knees and grab your ankles. It’ll start with buying her friends’ drinks, or grabbing your change. She’ll ask to be taken to dinner, and then order the most expensive entree. If you’re on Main Street or in a mall, suddenly she needs a new purse, dress, swimsuit, or two pairs of shoes…things you know she would never buy herself. Succumbing to her wishes will only escalate the demands in ever increasing proportions. Sharks never settle for a large piece of meat, they keep on attacking the bleeding wallet until there’s nothing left. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll whine like a bratty child.

For the grand finale, the minute the hotel room door closes, the sweet cuddly personality turns into a raging bitch. She races to your room phone for long distance calls, drains the room bar, starts barking demands, rushes you, refuses most every sexual trick, and then doubles the agreed price. And then she wants cab fare ten times the actual cost for all the trouble YOU caused her. You end up paying like a fool, not getting a nut, and then she slams the door on you….how did you let that happen?

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