New York City Travel Guide – Best places to visit in New York City

Best places to visit in New York City

The Trump Tower is located between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue for the multi-millionaire building contractor Donald J Trump. It’s impressive inner Courtyard is striking even today with an artificial waterfall of 200 feet perhaps, the most seasoned old hotel of the city is the Chelsea. Among its first guests were Mark Twain and his fellow writer the chronicler of his hometown. The stars of the Barnum circus also stayed here as well as the grand actress Sarah Bernhardt. One of the most respected actors of our age Dustin Hoffman lived here for years Justice Arthur Miller.

Who wrote his play entitled Death of a Salesman here visitors included Laurence Olivier Janis Joplin and Marilyn Monroe. Arthur C Clarke wrote several of his science-fiction works here The poet Dylan Thomas Writer Thomas Wolfe Dyed hair the Chelsea. Rockefeller Center is the largest connected Skyscraper City of the world with a total of 21 buildings. It’s located in the heart of Manhattan between 5th, 6th Ave The Lord Rockefeller Plaza decorated with the flags of the United Nation member states. Is the center of the building complex, the skating rink is used by thousands of tourists and locals from Autumn to Spring Weather in summer.

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Specialties of English and French restaurants can be enjoy the sunshine or under parasail. The Gilded Prometheus statue dominates the square at the beginning of the 19th century. The area was the permanent residents of notable families with palaces of the astors and Vanderbilts adorning the neighborhood. Which cause too much noise for the millionaires during the era of prohibition. Secret Bars were opened and run down houses at the area, finally the son of oil millionaire Rockefeller rented decide on which to have the largest opera house in the world. But due to the Great Depression he abandon the idea and started a more lucrative business. Decommissioned the architect Wallace K Harrison to plan a building complex consisting of several office bill.

Rockefeller Center is still the largest privately owned office and entertainment center in the world. With 35,000 people are working with a visitor’s number many times that The Catholic Church finished in 1879. Where’s the name of Ireland’s Patron Saint Saint Patrick, one of the largest churches of New York book small next to the skyscrapers Rockefeller Center and the Olympic Airways. The headquarters of RCA the largest radio and television producer. Is in one of the buildings of the Rockefeller Center, on the other side of the block is the famous Radio City Music Hall built in the 1930s. The hall has a seating capacity of 6200, and the audience is entertained by artist Symphony Orchestra and dance ensemble.

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This is followed by a film Premiere in the second part of. We’re walking in the heart of the Big Apple to the south from Central Park. A bit farther south from Rockefeller Center one corner away from the famous Times Square. This area is famous for its theaters among others are the st. James the Eugene O’Neill the Biltmore, the Edison The Majestic, the playhouse, the Helen In Haste The Palace the royal And the Ambassador theaters.

The world-renowned Carnegie Hall is also nearby play Tchaikovsky conducted the orchestra, at its opening ceremony during the more than hundred years since, then Toscanini Stravinsky Rubinstein Stokowski horvitz menuhin & Bernstein. If conducted here And the Jazz performances have included such names as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie. Field Concert Hall has been threatened several times with demolition, but the world’s greatest musicians have always managed to collect enough money, with their occasional concerts to be able to prevent.

Not a bad day at all. The weather we faced in New York has changed very quickly. Unbelievably warm today. Sweat just poured out from the first steps. Have taken the advice of friends and wrapped my toes up. They do feel a bit better but not going to try and take the tape off as I think the nails will come with it. We are staying in a rest area tonight, which I’m hoping is better than last night as we had 4000000 bugs in the RV last night as we stayed near what we thought had to be a jungle! Not much sleep was had! A lot of screaming was done. Enjoyed the miles today. Back on the bike tomorrow. Hurt my elbow today when a car wing mirror hit me!

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Not the start I wanted. My seat stem broke, so I couldn’t ride my bike first thing. Instead, ran 13 miles to the nearest town or place that at least had a shop and went to a garage who luckily had a spare screw! Once on the bike was able to get some good mileage in until we hit the mountains. Today’s steepest climb was a 2915 ft climb which doesn’t sound too bad but when you do that 7 times it gets slightly tiring. We have made the mileage but it was a long hard slog. Was some of the toughest miles I’ve ever spent in the saddle. Without the team today I would have failed. Had good support from local people today which is great, so much needed at the moment. One person wrote to me saying the mountains I was cycling up were hard even in a car!

The ice bath was a little different tonight. Stopped next to a river and decided rather than the paddling pool again I would just lay in the water! Was beautiful! Weather has been hot and humid again today, suppose to break tomorrow with thunder storms. New York seems like a distant memory now. Heading to Pittsburg tomorrow. 2 of the team leave tomorrow and I’m absolutely gutted they are going. They have been fantastic and I will be forever in their debt for what they have given up to be here. Thank you. To everyone who has shared and liked the page you are brilliant. Please keep those likes coming, they make me smile every time. All social media handles are twitter @samboatwright1 Instagram @epicrunningsam and the website is samboat #smile #epic #thanksguys

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