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Whether your teeth have become chipped due to an accident where you fell over that was quite recent, or you ate something that was a little tougher than you had expected, or even you have had a chipped tooth or teeth for a while, it can sometimes be very upsetting. People with chipped teeth are most likely to feel awkward and embarrassed about the way that they look when it comes to holidays with friends and families. Research has shown that we take more photographs on our holidays than the rest of the year combined, and that can only mean one thing: trying to hide your chipped teeth.

It is such a shame really, as your holiday should be a time when you feel most relaxed and comfortable. After all, you are (almost certainly) in a fabulous location with those people that you care about most in the world. There really shouldn’t be anything stressful about the entire situation, and yet every time someone whips out a camera, you’ll probably want to run and hide. But we want to change that, and that change can start immediately if you want it to.

You have three options: hide the chipped teeth by smiling with your lips shut; using carefully placed accessories to constantly hide part of your smile; or ignore the problem altogether, throw caution to the winds, and simply decide not to care anymore.Whichever is your choice?

Or then again, there’s the fourth option. Before you go on holiday, visit a sympathetic dentist who will be able to help you by correcting the chipped tooth. That way, you will be able to go on your holiday with a beaming smile on your face, and absolutely no concerns about how your vacation photographs are going to turn out. Say cheese!

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