This morning we’re doing something pretty out there Travel Alberta has set up an ice climbing expedition for us we’re going to have like the ice pick we’re going to have like the studded shoes, and we’re going to be pulling our body masses up a large cliff now that’s probably usually fine but. We’ve been eating lots of good food. I think my body mass is getting a little too heavy these days.

So amazing. So I was just going to breakfast, and the lady’s like aw did you get them photos of the wolves. I was like what wolf, and she’s like right in the middle of the lake they’ve been howling all morning.

So I’ve told Abby to bring the long distance lens hopefully she gets you before they leave this is. So cool like this is when you know that you’re in a natural reserve off the grid yeah what are we doing today ice mining okay, and it’s above freezing today don’t you think yeah mostly what degrees. I’m fine with exploit legs.

I was like oh. I must have dress so much more rich today like that’s what.

I actually thought Oh such a good job today dress come on oh you didn’t the guy’s theorem. So awesome hello good morning Steve all right guys we have just arrived. I’m doing this the second time.


Because I didn’t hit the record button. But what. I’m trying to say is.

We’ve just arrived here at the Ice Canyon where we’re going to be climbing so. We’ve got massive ice picks. We’ve got them for our shoes as well.

I’ve never done this in my entire life. And I’m really excited the weather is beautiful it’s like positive 2 degrees which is 80 degrees well. I’m gonna have to specify.

Because everyone’s going to assume minus 2 because. We’ve been in the mindful just justly you lazy problem crampons this is for your left foot yeah there’s this too well in the front of your boot that would look slide right in there ok, and this is a little cramp on people ever accidentally dig these into their legs it does happen on occasion all right guys. I’m putting all my crap on this it sounds like tampons look.

I’ve never felt. So firm for the ground in my entire life. I feel like it’s tank on tank track like basically you could not push me over let’s do it we can check that out otherwise we can hit hard.

And I’ve never done another bye down there that’s where we’re going first yeah. I like it alright guys. So we’re going down there, and then once.

We’ve been repelled all the way to the bottom we’re climbing up that frozen over waterfall all the way up to there this is a sub mouth. So that is how we’re setting up the belay system you use a guide little slippery on the rock there. But yeah yeah yeah there you go Oh Jeff no no coming down ha ha ha ha oh my god.

I probably wear a helmet a massive chunk of snow just knocked me it’s getting hot out. So the snow is all coming off the trees it’s like 2 3 degrees beautiful actually. So Jeff Lemm.

I think that means you’re not my adventure spear we’ll get me is like hanging over the side yeah all right they like the anticipation of it mm-hmm well. I’m ready whenever you are so lead the way all right well we’re doleful ah yes you can hold on to the rope yet exelon complete my heart ler complete.

I know this is very good you’re doing great is the treat supposed to be making that noise okay sorry. So I can kind of Crouch into the rock. So you don’t string it yeah, and then, I’ll this lower you’re over nice, and slow, and now you’ll be free hanging the rest of the way down whoo locked, and loaded ready to descend into the abyss are you good to go Decker sound good mark all right just lean back yeah mean baggy here we go here we go.

So I’m great it’s awesome. I do it down there so. We’ve all successfully come down except for mark just waiting on mark up there that’s.

So cool, and the next step is to climb up that using our ice picks, and our cap on their cap on crampons thank you sounds like that. I need my guy. So we’re going through this little Kenya oh just for a photo op on this side here you can see the ice here just cracking oh my gosh that’s crazy luck luck yeah.

So you can see crew yeah in Nepal he’ll fill up free is quite high off the off the bottom of the canyon yeah through the winter the water drain, and leave the slop advice. But suspended up the right six meters that’s what we saw that was cracks along yeah. So there’s room back there that’s fagged in yeah it’s probably like you know a couple meters deep, and avenge me that look recipient damn view heart edge you can see the cracking going on right there you look like the 18 Kevin don’t shoot me.

So now we’re going to get ourselves a quick back to use again. I’m not my frozen waterfall where people can make a joke to say it also moves too quick to change this water price center right yeah yeah slow do you want to repeat how you describe the motion look at the rest will help through it just a flick of the wrist look at every turn don’t forget every scoop look at area don’t forget every 7 to forget area how it’s going to work is Mark’s going to climb first he’s going to set up some safety lines, and then he’ll lower down a rope which we’re going to be using to basically clip to our harnesses, and that’s our belay right there yeah yeah yeah. I can’t have that girl callate my name is Charles we’re up the hill not arriving last them here which is three months straight up alright guys.

So we safely made it to the top thanks to mark mark thank you so much guys agree yeah. I appreciate that man cool cloth mark is with rock abou adventures if you guys want to come experience the same thing ten into ten this is definitely one of the coolest thing you can do in Jasper one of the close things.

I’ve ever done it’s like you’re on the adrenaline the entire time like hanging on. But at the same time like it’s me taking a while to trust the belay system. Because if you knew that bleh would never give out you could just like lean back.

But you’re like for me. I don’t trust it entirely, and some like clamping on for dear life is so much fun yes any last words yeah you.

I think right now. I’m good enough yeah these days observe now. So we have about 30 minutes to relax which honestly that doesn’t happen very often.

We’ve been. So on the go really excited. Because just gonna be taking us to his secret not secret spot he basically told us not many people know about this.

But he’s going to bring us up on top of a mountain where there’s like a dead drop, and basically it’s one of the best places to watch the sunset here in Jasper Oh we’re going to the mystical viewpoint that only Jeff knows about it in here Oh going where no man has gone before it took the gist guys. I give you the edge of the world this here is a Alberta local exclusive we would have never known about this like this was basically like stopping in the middle of the road, and being like all right we’re getting off here, and going over the barrier, and following this random little path, and it’s taking us to this incredible Vista thank you Jeff guys this is. So so cool when.

I’m gone away my gosh is a freaking wolf that’s about the coyote it’s a wall that looks like a wolf to me no, and we are going to see a recommended restaurant by a local called San Jose’s about right yeah you only. I think. So, and he’s evil we find is really hard to read sign coming to Jasper come here get the el Diablo one of the best meals.

I’ve ever had it’s like a fusion of Indian food, and Mexican food yeah. I’ve eaten Mexican food a lot this trip. But it was.

So good El Diablo alright guys like true the morning again it’s impossible to get a full day, and then edit without sacrificing sleep. But we’re making it happen making the dream happen one day at a time. So guys leave the post a big thumbs up hit the subscribe button, and let’s get off again tomorrow for another big day here in Alberta the day.

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