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People have different preference for their favorite drinks. Some like coffee or some like beer. But, when it comes to my turn, I prefer tea. Nothing can be good enough like a warm cup of tea in the morning. But, having a tea is not limited to just mornings. It has many health benefits also.

In japan, having a cup of tea is very common. Everyone loves to have it. It is the most common beverage. It constitutes an essential part of Japanese culture. And because of it, the art of tea ceremony was brought forth. Many types of tea are available in japan. People consume tea and tea products everyday. The most common one is green tea.

If you go to a restaurant and order a tea without specifying its type. Then, they will most likely give you green tea. In the Japanese tea ceremony, green tea is the central component.

Here, we are featuring, the top three places of japan where the tea is produced. These places are almost synonymous for cultivation of tea and producing tea products. If you ever visit japan and you are a lover of tea, then, you should surely not miss out these places of japan.


Tea is the Shizuoka prefecture’s top products because of its location, it is known to be japan’s Riviera. It is situated along the pacific coast in the south of the Chubu region. Here, you can enjoy drinking tea with the beautiful sights of this place.

The iconic and beautiful mount Fuji, the highest mountain of Japan, Shizuoka. With its perfect shape, it has been a symbol of working and a subject of art and literature.

You can enjoy having a cup of matcha tea in any of the restaurants there while looking the snow, capped mountain. In winters, you will have better visibility of Fuji-san.

The issue peninsula is also a part of Shizuoka. You can enjoy your cup of tea in this resort while seeing the beautiful coastlines and beaches. If you visit this place in the off season, you will experience a relaxing stay while sipping your tea.

You can also go to lake Hamanako for scenic views and its amazing hotels and attraction. Kanzangi Onsen is also situated here. Going to Pal Pal amusement park and enjoying its Ferris wheel would be great. You can also take a ride in the Kanzangi ropeway. It traverses over the inlet between Pal Pal amusement park and the summit of Okusayama mountain. It also has an observation deck which can be used for free to watch the sights. If you love music then, you can also visit the music box museum located at the mountain’s summit for a fee.


Kagoshima prefecture is also at the top when it comes to the production of tea. It consists of the southernmost part of Kyushu and the northern half of the Nansei Shoto. Kagoshima was formerly known as Satsuma.

In Kagoshima, Yakushima is also situated. It is a sub-tropical island just off the southern coast of Kyushu. Some of the Japan’s oldest trees can be seen in Yakushima’s extensive cedar forest. While hiking along trails that are a thousand years old, you can feel the energy coming from nature. If you like to hike here, then do carry a raincoat with you as it rains a lot here.

You can also go to Kirishima which is famous for onsens (hot springs) towns and breathtaking volcanic landscapes. You can also visit Kirishima Shrine dedicated to Ninigi NO Mikoto (the grandson of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu).

3. Uji

Uji is located in Kyoto. It is synonymous with green tea. During the Kamakura Period (11920-1333) in Japan, China imported green tea leaves and was cultivated in Uji.

Uji is the best place to enjoy a nice and warm cup of tea of superior quality. You can visit any restaurant to sample their tea products and can also experience the Uji tea culture.

You can go to Omotesando to buy tea to take it with you. Many tea products and souvenirs are available there. Byodin Temple is also situated there which is the best example of Buddhist Pure land architecture. If you want to work on something related to tea, you can visit Fukujuen Ujicha Kobo where you can enjoy different tea related activities.

These are the top three places to enjoy tea in Japan. Here, not only you can drink tea, but also can enjoy the attractions of these places.

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