Alright guys. I just got to the Fang rock pier. And I’m now heading to railay Adrienne has hosted me from top three days, and that is a motorcycle crab cakes hadrian’s heading to Bali we’re heading separate ways been an awesome three days amazing yeah better than her time right now yeah no kidding onto the ferry three boats in a row this is the biggest this is the medium size, and now they’re telling me to get on the smaller one onto the smallest boat.

I really hope. I don’t get seasick. We’ve arrived on the mainland.

I think it’s called dawn sack, and now. I’m heading by bus to Rayleigh just realized. I have three tickets.

So one was for the ferry one is for the bus, and one’s gonna be for like a tiny little charter shuttle that will take me to realize it’s gonna be about seven hours in total of travel time, I’ll be there by 2:30 as long as everything stays on track here’s my bus to crabby. I got the VIP bus what’s up all right getting off the big bus getting on the little one. So I’m in Oneg, and it’s only like half an hour from crabby.

So now. I need to get on a lone tail boat, and the longtail boat will take me about 20 minutes to get really everything’s been really smooth. So far they did try to pull a fast one on me they tried to charge me for the longtail boat even though technically it’s included.

So you just need to kind of stand your ground. Because every now, and then the Thai people will try to make a quick buck off you if you guys used to watch my blogs you remember that when I first got to Thailand.

I got bedbugs, and it was awful you have these little bites they take forever to go away, and they’re so gross anyways look at those. So I just did a little research online, and bedbug bites actually take several days to show up.


So now that explains why it’s just showing up all of sudden because. I’ve been staying at my buddy’s house there’s clearly no bedbugs there but I can pretty much guess where they came from.

I’m not blaming the hostel whatsoever. Because anywhere you go there’s a chance of getting bedbugs. Because they’re public beds other people are sleeping in them it just really sucks that it happened to have happened at all regardless it’s not the end of the world bed bug bites probably will last no more than three four days with them being.

So disgustingly big. And I’m sure after a week they’ll be completely gone yeah it’s literally taken almost a week for them to show up all right it is time to get on the longtail boat to really you arrived in railay, and it is. So incredible it’s actually not an island yeah it’s just a little spit of land that’s connected to the mainland.

But it’s like. So isolated between these cliffs look at this the winds are pretty strong. I might not be able to use the audio look.

I got another camera. So many cameras. I just made a friend then five seconds already made a friend.

I like it here he’s own little cloud the sand is like perfect totally hygiene helped by Western standards that’s a good thing when you’re getting a kebab feeding monkeys in this area is prohibited didn’t even know they had monkeys look at that cliff damn kind of scared me to get ambushed by monkeys now the dangers of traveling alone such a huge cliff what alright guys. I just checked into my hotel. I will show you guys it in one second.

So I’m staying at the railway Putin resort. And I’m probably not saying it right. But look at this view.

So it is just up on a cliff, and right here is a massive rock face. And I actually saw people getting ready to climb up the wall. So there’s rock climbers just down there pretty nice spot.

I’m finally checked in after a fairly long travel day, and this place here costs 1500 baht a night which of course is not the world’s cheapest rent for Thailand. But Raley is actually quite expensive from what. I’m learning very quickly here for whoever’s interested.

I’m staying at the Rahway puto in resort, and here’s my room got a TV which. I’m in really. I don’t need this won’t be reading any TV got this little extra space in here that the done, and bathroom really is not very big.

And So the few places that do own property can obviously charge quite a bit more. But just based on the beauty that. I’ve seen already it’s gonna be well worth the premium my plans for tonight are very little.

I just want to get a post uploaded. I want to relax a little bit. And I want to do a big day tomorrow of beaches exploring.

I might do an island tour first things first gonna go for a swim it is. So so hot over here let’s go check out the pool you can see a monkey right up there Wow such an incredible pool the view is amazing. I’m absolutely loving Rayleigh.

I just love the feeling of being like tucked away in these massive dramatic mountains just got off FaceTime with Abby, and Abby started to plan when she’s gonna come join me by the sounds of it she’ll be booking her ticket around April 20th twenty fifth round they’re just in my room right now enjoying the air conditioning doing a bit of editing. And I think the guy with the dreads in my post from two posts ago three posts ago his name’s Matt he is gonna be joining me either tonight or tomorrow all you people in North America who take Wi-Fi for granted don’t ever do it the Wi-Fi here is. So so good, and the minute you have good Wi-Fi your life is.

So much better oh it’s a head puts a one resort you guys get it one of the things. I’ve always prided myself on doing is responding to almost every comment in my new posts, and now that. I’m traveling, and editing, and pretty much everything else it’s gotten a little bit challenging to respond to you guys.

So if. I don’t get back to you guys do not take it personally. I’m doing my very best to respond to everyone.

And I do appreciate. And I read every single comment. So keep leaving them another thing.

I get asked a lot how do you select your fan of the day. I selected purely based on comment if. I see someone commenting a lot if.

I think someone brought up a really good point asked a good question something like that that’s how I decide of course right as my boats go get food like pissing rain now. I haven’t eaten in a while like.

I should still go you can almost feel like steam coming through the door all the humidity damn. I also have a little balcony over here which is kind of cool can listen to the rain from out here kind of stopped raining. I’ve had to walk.

So far through these narrow alleys. I mean it’s hard to explain. But Rayleigh is like full of alleys to get everywhere, and there’s barely any light here.

And I’m all alone, and then something jumped her in front of me it was a frog but I scream like a girl scared me again gotta love your fried Thai broccoli some basil chicken, and some rice dinner was really good 120 baht like four or five bucks Wow relay has little water monopoly here everywhere is charging 40 baht for a bottle of water which normally in Bangkok it’s 13 baht, and then if you’re on the other islands like koh pipi which is also quite expensive it would only be like 20 or 25 baht there. So ray LA is making their money off water they’re hitting you where it hurts.

So this is actually the beautiful West Beach that. I was at earlier today of course you can’t really see anything. Because it’s pitch black eat really Beach is an incredible Beach line placed in between these really dramatic mountains, and that’s what makes it.

So cool to be here it’s more about coming here for the daytime activities, and just enjoying the natural beauty. I don’t really see any bars that are going or really anything. So probably gonna head back gonna go to bed as beautiful as Raley is it doesn’t seem like it’s a solo type of a place probably best to come here with someone else alien invasion on a longboat they’re attacking on all ends they’re multiplying.

So I’m just like you’re reading, and these two cats snuck up on me oh yes yeah hey don’t scratch me oh you just tackle this pin, and they’re off, and they’re fighting kind of creepy coming back here as long as. I don’t get attacked by the monkeys. I’m back back at the resort.

I’m gonna go to bed now tomorrow morning’s gonna be really good day. I’m super excited to show you guys real light, and status updates my bites. I’ve got lots of them on my body they’ve literally just started showing up over the past day not excited about that.

But they should only be here for another week that’s the end of today’s blog. I need to figure out an out route to my blogs. I always just say like see you tomorrow or something but.

I need to figure out like a branding thing like. I need to figure out how. I’m going to conclude my blogs.

And I want to do something with like get lost but I can’t just finish my blogs be like get lost. Because the newcomers will be like whoa he’s an asshole but.

I want something kind of like get lost. But not. But maybe if.

I change the tone of my voice. And I’m like get lost you know people will be like ah he clearly doesn’t mean in a mean way that’s my objective for tomorrow’s blog is to figure out how am. I going to conclude my blogs tomorrow’s blog it’ll be the first-ever Kristian LeBlanc travel blog conclusion.

But in the meantime. I got nothing. So so you guys you you.

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