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If you make a list of travel destinations in Asia, Thailand will almost always feature in this list. Each year, close to sixteen million foreigners visit this culturally-rich country, making it one of the most visited places in South-east Asia. Thailand gives travellers a blend between bustling cities and quaint farming villages, and this is where its appeal lies.

Because it’s such a popular tourist spot, you can easily find online a plethora of activities to do and places to visit. You can make your vacation a much better experience if the things you choose to do are not too mainstream. Here is a comprehensive list of some new and unusual things you can add to your Thailand itinerary planner for your next trip there.

Water fight in the streets during Songkran
Songkran is the festival that marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. Songkran is celebrated on the 13th of April, but the festivities last up to three to five days, depending on the city you celebrate it in. Traditionally, it is celebrated in Buddhist temples and is rich in cultural and symbolic traditions. Water is poured upon the statues of Buddha, as well as splashed at each other to purify sins and bad luck from the year before. Things take a fun and festive turn in the streets of the cities, where people come together to have the biggest water fight in the world. While you will have to plan your vacation specifically in April to participate in the Songkran water parties, it will certainly be a fun and chaotic experience. As Songkran is very popular in Thailand, be sure to plan in advance because train tickets and hotel rooms always get booked out.

Take a Muay Thai class
Have you been feeling a little unfit lately? One of the best ways to get yourself back in shape, or at least feel energised, is taking part in a Muay Thai course the legendary art of kickboxing. There are schools present throughout the country and their courses last for a few days or a couple of months, depending on your convenience. You will learn to block, punch and kick through this ancient Thai combat sport and will have learned something new at the end of your vacation.

Off-beat street food in Bangkok
The essence of a country is the food that the locals eat there. And one of the best ways to experience this is to have street food. Make some space on your Thailand trip planner and take off to the streets of Bangkok to explore the fascinating world of Thai street food. Explore localities like Chinatown (known as Yaowarat locally), Bangkok’s Old Town, Sukhumvit and SaphanLueng, which are known for the street food and are little pockets of paradise for the regular foodie. Some dishes you absolutely can’t miss are satay (grilled meat on skewers), Khao gang (curry rice), Khao man gai (Hainanese-style chicken rice), andvarious types of noodle soups.

Sea kayaks in Krabi
If you’re feeling slightly adventurous, sea kayaking in Krabi is one of the best experiences you can have in Thailand. Krabi has beautiful and pristine beaches that are popular with tourists, but kayaking in the calm and still waters will allow you to explore the beautiful cliffs, mangroves, and sea caves in the region. It is recommended that you go with a guide, especially if you don’t have any prior experience in kayaking. You can explore through the mangroves of Bor Thor and the quiet lagoon that is present on the other side of Muet Cave.

Visit the Secret Buddha Garden in KohSamui
Another place you can add to your Thailand travel planner is the Secret Buddha Garden in KohSamui. Also known as the Magic Garden, it contains several statues of humans, animals, and deities scattered all over the garden, created by an old fruit farmer, NumThongsuk, in 1976. Each statue has a backstory unique to itself. It is located on top of the Tar Nim Waterfall peak, has a stream that flows through the garden, and is surrounded by jungle vegetation. This gives you a breath-takingscene at every step you take when you’re exploring the garden.
The examples given above are just some of the many things you can do in Thailand. As you can see, they are varied and will you give you an all-round experience of Thailand and will make your trip memorable.

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