Heading to Cebu Singapore Airport

Just leaving none see residents for the last time kind of sad but I am ready to keep moving our next trip is to the Philippines.

And you might have noticed the lenses actually cleared up now. I went. And bought a new GoPro.

So there goes $550 but I couldn’t stand having in the unclear lens anyways, I’m gonna keep you guys safe, we’ve checked through the gates. And minutes are counting down in Thailand.

So, it’s been an awesome four months, it’s funny because when you first get to Thailand on exchange you always think like oh. I’ve got all the time in the world but it just went by. So fast.

And four months is up. And we have someone joining us as well – Tino will be joining us to the Philippines he’s been wanting to go there since he was a little guy yeah he’s originally from the Philippines he’s a he’s ecstatic right now if you can tell his eyes are dilated. And I frankly hasn’t slept in it over a year, it’s been a slice Thailand.

Heading to Cebu Singapore Airport Photo Gallery

So me. And Tina are just exploring the airport looking for some food. So far everything’s like North American prices.

So, I’m not impressed like bringing $10 for a meal what is this. I become. So cheap since living over here like, it’s ridiculous you become.

So used to getting meals for like anywhere from $1 to as much as $3. And having a great meal but then you go with places like airports. And they start making you pay Western prices the works why don’t you just join us on the next few vlogs as we adventure through the islands of the Philippines it’ll be cool.

So we just arrived in Singapore, we’re doing it like a 9 or 10 hour layover here. So, it’s gonna be a bit of a long night but, it’s not too bad, it’s quite a nice Airport don’t know what’s going on over here but it looks pretty cool mmm something. I only learned in the past year is that people in Singapore actually speak English.

So, it’s like one of the few Asian countries where either English is just as good as ours is. So kind of took me off-guard when I actually went to the information desk just now to ask for directions Abby’s a big fan of the Singapore Airport it literally have everything you’ve ever made, it’s actually really really beautiful but they have these little things.

So that you can put paper on top. And they take like a pastel crayon. And you write over talking as you can see here laura has expertly created some sort of a building this is hands-down the most amazing Airport.

I’ve ever been into, it’s like amazing Wi-Fi throughout the entire airport there’s news stations there’s a free ps3 just over there that’s closed right now which sucks but everything else is like still open there’s a butterfly garden there’s a TV – free Wi-Fi that can computers you can used everywhere yeah there’s free computers everywhere there’s a butterfly garden there’s a big three koi ponds including a really big one but the big one is on the other terminal. So we might go look at it later full sequence we have an 8 hour layover. So you got some time but next stop, we’re gonna go check out the sunflower garden which is this way if there’s a movie theater inside playing movies every hour.

And like anyone can go in there, it’s totally free. So people who with long layover is like this is the place to be this is the best airport. I’ve ever been to.

So, we’re out overlooking the tarmac here. And they also have a sunflower garden. And, it’s they keep it open 24/7, it’s all lit up, it’s actually.

So cool yeah it looks like a guideline to me bang almost felt, we’re good though. So cool Dave a machine that you can take a picture on like this animated postcard. And then you can email it to anyone.

So you can say hi to your family friends whatever.

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