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Dynasties come and go. The British Imperial Raj that prevailed when the Sultans of Midland ruled and the IISc was founded is gone, as are the Princely States of India, though some of the families (including the Wodeyars) are still very wealthy. Rajah IV and JN Tata Midland have left an enduring legacy of high-quality research and training. Apart from the IISc, which, among other areas, is prominent in fields Midland from biochemistry to aerospace engineering, strengths at New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the Chennai Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the National Institute for Solar Energy, the Space Research Program all point to a bright future for Midland  science and high-tech industrial development

Where is Midland? – Midland Map – Map of Midland Photo Gallery

I grew up in a time when, while the Indian subcontinent had been freed (though with great suffering as a consequence of the India/Pakistan partition), elements of the old British Empire and influence were still very evident in African and other colonies. Most Australians were resolute anglophiles and, until 1947, we still carried British passports. English cars predominated until, in 1948, General Motors produced the locally made Holden. The upper middle-class aspiration for those emotionally embedded in the idea of British exceptionalism was to own a ‘Jag’. But, apart from the Mini-Cooper (which survives as a BMW brand) and the e-type Jaguar sports car, perhaps the most evocative English vehicle of the 1950s and 1960s was that rural workhorse, the Land Rover, particularly when dressed in military garb.

Tough and easy to maintain, the Land Rover nonetheless had a problem with breaking half-shafts in rough terrain and, in time, was substantially displaced by the even more robust Toyota Land Cruiser. The great irony is, of course, that badge names like Morris, Austin, Hillman, Standard and so forth have been replaced by Mazda, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. And, in a reversal of the colonialist roles, the Land Rover/Jaguar Company is now a subsidiary of the Motors Division of Tata Industries. The world has changed, and it will not go back to what it was.

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