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Hey guys late start to the day it’s like 2 p.m. and we’re just making our way out of the best west oon yeah thank you right now we’re getting our phones set up we’re going to get like a traveler SIM card. I think 7-eleven will set it up for us, and after that we’re going to go to interim Udo’s, and we don’t really know what it is. But the front desk of the Best Western recommended it.

I believe it’s like me not the ancient capital of Manila. But it’s like the really old side of Manila all right just lend you some card this is my Thai SIM card. I don’t need that anymore good bye smart yes yeah.

So much away in this is the entrance to fort santiago here in Intramuros don’t be that guy. So this is the beginning of fort santiago, and this thing has been occupied by everyone it says started off as the filipinos then it was taken over by the british in 1762 then it was taken over by the japanese in 1942 during world war ii, and then it was taken over by the US after the conclusion of World War two it’s beautiful last night Michael, and Gino told us that the reason the Filipinos speak English. Because there’s not many Asian countries where they speak English as a primary language is.

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Because in Philippines they actually have. So many dialects among all the different tribes, and all the different provinces of the Philippines. And So for them having English is actually like a unifying language the broader room together allowed for business, and commerce to go on, and that’s the reason that English is so well spoken in the Philippines we just watched a five-minute presentation, and basically Philippines was under Spanish control for three centuries one of the Filipino martyrs is a man by the name of Rizal, and he’s the one who initiated the Filipino revolution basically overthrowing the Spanish government, and you know ended up dying for it. But revered as a hero here in the Philippines oh it’s been a nice quick look at fort santiago, and these are supposed to be his footsteps as he walked to his final days oh it’s Justin most of the Philippines is Catholic. So the north, and the central part of the Philippines is Catholic, and the self is Muslim Manila is in the north.

So you have he drills everywhere like that one right there in traditional Filipino food got the rice the noodles they love fried chicken thank you they actually they love fried chicken we devoured that meal we’re paying hundred fifty pesos to be heat taken by a bike oh yeah man power rod dirty Ronnie just showed our driver here his photo from Instagram from an August that’s Ronaldo they know each other know though yes roll down your driver right to hold you can sing are you a singer you know that the poise of the Philippines boys excellency, and baseball right Spaceballs – this is feng all right go go go see you later. So just right here’s the road, and back here is basically a family living without anything really how sad so much traffic in the city hello you it’s just.

So nice being back here like the people of the Philippines aren’t credible. I’ve had three people now stop their cars. Because they see me holding this cabron they’re like, and they’re like striking poses they want me to take photos of them, and posts of them it’s so so good here. But very very rough like it’s. I don’t know.

I think it’s. Because they have. So little that they’re.

So grateful for what they do have, and it’s just you know they’re great people to be around our last bicycle ride was supposed to take us to the Great Mall of Asia which is this massive shopping centre in Manila. I think it’s the largest in all of Asia maybe a size of China. But its massive, and we’re gonna go check that out all right like.

I said our bike ride which is supposed to take us there, and either there was a misunderstanding or it was a quick way to make a box doesn’t really matter he dropped us off in the wrong wrong place. So we’re gonna get another taxi, and head there now you can see the water here just underneath the bridge super polluted, and it smells really bad we were just on our way to the Mall of Asia we got inside one of those little bike taxis. And I just kind of got bad vibes from the guy, and then started driving us down something that seemed a bit sketchy.

So I just told him to pull over we gave him like a bit of money, and just walked away from it wasn’t worth it. I had my camera out -. So someone ever wanted to do something.

I mean once they drive you into a slum, and they’ve got their friends waiting what are you can do erring on the side of caution. And I think that’s always a good move to do. So the elections starting really soon in the Philippines, and on May 9 they’ll be voting for the new president not sure how fair the voting process is but.

I’ve definitely heard from people that it’s very corrupt here, and the government doesn’t exactly work very well look they have knockoff Yeezys of Nikes they’re definitely not the best quality. But for the most part it’s pretty good. So this guy’s trying to get a tip for finding us a taxi when we can find it ourselves he’s like you need taxi now he’s just running around the streets trying to find us a taxi.

I guess he gets Commission or something. I don’t know, and literally that guy was asked looking for tip it’s taxing not hang him supposed to be asked he considers his work as tip worthy. And So we gave him ten just like to tell to screw off he wouldn’t take the ten.

So he’s like fifty fifteen him like crazy. And I literally had his foot in the door, and his arm he’s like trying to hold the door open. But it was pushed him oh shut the door unlocked, and they tries to like open a taxi just zips off what a nut.

We’ve been trying to get a taxi for like 45 minutes now. So it’s been a bit hectic. We’ve caught one now thank quite a bit before.

But it’s fine we’re going to get back to our hotel relax for a bit, and then tonight we’re gonna go to Makati. I believe feels. So good to be back about the guy who got in the taxi.

I want to say that that was in Chinatown like definitely a rougher area. So don’t be like oh. I can’t go to Manila now.

Because that happened you were definitely in a sketchy area everything else today it was great. I’m just in the hotel right now editing my song con blog, and oh my gosh the slow motion coming from the gh4 is mind-blowing it’s so amazing.

Because you get to see like the reaction when the water hits someone’s face you see like smiles you see people cringing as they get hit in the neck with water, and like everyone looks like they’re having the best times of their lives if you haven’t checked that blog out, I’ll link it below you need to see that one that’s like one of my best blogs super stoked gonna be a chill night cuz tomorrow our flight is that like 1:00 p.m. represent drone heroes you haven’t already followed your own heroes Ronnie’s got all the swag he’s got sweaters t-shirts notepads maybe not no pets.

But he has got a lot of swag. I went on the tourism Philippines website in Makati they recommended coming to this place it’s called the collective it’s like a bunch of young restaurants bars all that good stuff. So go check that out Filipino meal.

I guess Hawks brain boiled brain flavor to the onions devoured all this for like under $10. So Jude. We’ve met these two girls inside, and they actually recommended that we go check out a place called the black market.

So we’re gonna head there now this is black market hi guys we just got back from the good morning well. I don’t remind me it’s not that late it’s like 2:00 in the morning, and we just got back to the Best Western we’re going to walk down 7-eleven tonight we went to a club called black market the only way you’ll know about it is by googling it, and then going to their actual website, and finding directions. Because it’s not on Google Maps it’s not really publicized whatsoever it’s very much like a Filipino secret.

So if you guys want to have a fun time, and meet a lot of awesome Filipino people go to black market gonna go to 7-eleven get a chocolate milk, and go to bed can. I guys see you tomorrow you made the fries bro do have aa 50 oh my beauty a thrive come. I dress come come.

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