How to Travel in Southeast Asia

The years 2016 earth has been wiped out people now live underground in tunnels it is. So we just paid for air-conditioning because like before we were trying to get away with just using the fan but it Lilly is. So hot we were dying.

And Abby said she couldn’t sleep much last night. I slept okay but I woke up really early because.

I was like covered in sweat. So that’s. I like that lead to be a very interesting for non now yesterday we went to the beach thinking we just hang out by the beach but we ended up finding a couple friends, we’ve met on our tour last time.

And we ended up just getting beers in the fuse relay. So all there 75 each and. So we just had a few of them.

And then a few turned into more. And then more attendants are going to the local bar. And it was really fun we had a really really good night.

And then. I tried to race a guy. And I fell like.

I thought. I saw the finish line. So I dope which was a really poor idea because it wasn’t the finish line.

And I ended up hurting my knee a bit. So that’s that’s today. And, we’ve again done very little with our day, it’s about one o’clock almost are you freaking kidding me we literally just paid for a see everything was going well.

And then the freaking power went out again this is the second time the power was out for like five or six hours this morning. So we had no fan. And we just cooked like a couple turkeys.

And now, we’re back at cooking cuz a freaking power went out we have returned to our calling back at the Mexican food restaurant the power is out here we were kind of warned actually the power runs out a lot in this El Nido area. I don’t know but something something cuts out it didn’t happen at all yesterday but today, it’s happened twice now. So, we’ve been image or D without without electricity.

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And it sucks when you’re in your room because it gets. So hot hashtag food goals everywhere, we’ve been from Southeast Asia is extremely hot but I think, it’s cuz our hotel rooms just been such a little sweat it which is a disgusting way to describe it but, it’s pretty much what it is but this is the main beach on El Nido.

So there’s lots of little bars. And restaurants we actually were hanging out just down there getting dollar seventy-five beers last night. And the beach itself is actually not the most impressive but I’ll needles known for its a little offshoot island.

So you take like all these little boats here you can take them across to the islands. And the islands are spectacular they’re actually voted the world’s nicest beaches. And I think it might still have the world’s nicest beach.

I don’t really know but, it’s that was the best thing. I’ve ever seen Abby. And I were lying down in the water just hanging out.

And then. I was in this cute little tiny like like weiner dog walks up. And Abby’s like that’s the happiest thing.

I’ve seen all day. And then it comes up to Abby’s bag. And it just peed all over Abby stuff.

And now she’s in the water cleaning off her urine soaked. I think, it’s a dress, I’m not too sure but yeah give us a good laugh. I named him Timothy hopefully we see him again, I’m digging a hole, we’re gonna make a cool GoPro shot.

I’ve seen it a lot of times on Instagram where people will put their GoPro in the hole. And then take a shot facing upwards. And it actually looks really cool because of the fisheye effect.

So, it’s gonna take a while. I think, it’s not easy to dig here that sounds a bit firm but uh. I got time see you guys in a bit quick update progress is being made.

I have discovered the perfect digging tool, it’s a piece of broken bamboo. And this holes coming along just fine. So the final product is here.

I will show you what. I have done since. I dug this hole here put a little piece of wood down there not to get too much dirt on the GoPro.

I simply place it like. So. And now you are in a little tunnel welcome one two three four that’s enough could.

I get the Pinney Pig yes please what are you looking for is what a lovely day, we’re having here in El Nido having the neatest time ever you know how we play weak legs are actually the strongest part of your body Christian okay well she’s a freaking butt. And, I’m leaving, I’m gonna go get something to drink can’t handle this heat tomorrow waking up at 6:00 a.m.

, we’re meeting a guy by the name of Edgar. And, we’re gonna climb that mountain right there. I don’t know exactly where, it’s either that part of the mountain or that part but anyways he’s gonna show us how to get to the top our friend rod from Cebu told us, it’s like a must-do thing.

So we’ll check it out get the view. And then after that, we’re going to rent a motorcycle. And explore the mainland area.

So tomorrow should be neat tonight, we’re gonna get a bottle of wine. And do some editing. And celebrates we hitting 10,000 well.

I hit like 13 in a bit now. And Abby heading 5,000 followers on Instagram which is pretty cool. And, I’m actually like starting to get like like sponsorship.

And different opportunities Gold polls now sign me as an ambassador. So like, it’s cool to see that like Instagram could actually turn into a baby not a career full-time but there’s lots of opportunities that can come from it. So we shall see what good is to come the criminal hey buster he peed on her towel earlier make a no way downtown walking fast faces pass nito has a permanent Christmas tree made out of coca-cola bottles or spray bottles thank yous it’s so cool like you’ve got the elementary school, we’ve got all these little local buildings that just the backdrops this massive cliff, it’s actually very pretty. And even prettier is the lady right in front of me. And here is our place if anyone’s coming to el nido.

I actually highly recommend this place, it’s MJ 88, we’re spending 800 pesos the night. And it includes like a really good breakfast every morning for a thousand you can do a scene. So I guess tonight, we’re paying a thousand but that’s still like thousands like twenty five dollars or something.

So, it’s not. So bad yes Philippines is a bit more expensive for rent but. And you won’t forget this nice view oh we are back doing some editing of photos here, I’m wearing pants don’t worry folks but the Power has gone out another two times in the past like five minutes, it’s ridiculous.

I don’t know what’s going on. So ridiculous, we’re out of power again. So I guess the main city’s electricity generator is down for like the ninth time today.

And, we’re on a backup generator. So we do have some electricity in our room but we don’t have a/c we don’t have Wi-Fi. And we basically are losing our lives.

And our minds. I don’t know if. I can survive this but other than that things are good, we’re gonna grate some pizza hopefully pizza but then again.

I don’t know if anyone could cook anything if there’s no electricity but we’ll see.

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