Top 10 Coolest Unique Beaches in the World

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Today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten unique beaches to visit for your next trip. For this list, we’re looking at beaches that offer travelers something a little different for their future travel plans.

Number 10 alga Santos Spain

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Spain is home to one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable houses of worship in the world. The Sun, Grada Familia is Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece with all due respect to the legendary boundary pushing architect. However, we think that Mother Nature gives him a run for his money in terms of inspiring designs. Can I add the alga santus translates to beach of the holy waters? But to most people, both locals and tourists, it’s better known as Cathedral Beach, located in northwestern Spain along the Cantabria coast in Galicia. Cathedral Beach is so dubbed because of the awe inspiring cliffs. As you walk under the massive rock formations, you feel as if you’re in a natural cathedral, complete with flying buttresses and towering arch is.

Number 9 Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates

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Most of the beaches on our list today. Will be of the natural variety. Like many things in the impressive city of Dubai. However, Palm Jumeirah is a testament to human ingenuity and design. A man-made archipelago in the Persian Gulf. Palm Jumeirah is a collection of sandy islands that drastically increased Dubai’s beachfront. This is not only added space for numerous private homes, but also more hotels and resorts right on the water. All said and done, the project has added 320 miles of shore land. Palm Jumeirah’s unique design makes quite the impression when seen from a Birds Eye view, but even at eye level as viewed from one of the many beaches, the pattern of the Franz gives the whole place a surreal quality. Welcome to the future.

Number 8 Khoikhoi Beach New Zealand

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If your travel are blessed with imagination, there’s no limit as to where this beach might take you. For anyone who’s ever fantasized about Dragons or mysterious creatures of the deep, you needn’t work hard to come up with a back story. Where the mysterious residents of Khoikhoi Beach, located on New Zealand’s North Otago coast Goyco he beach attracts visitors from far and wide to see the muraki boulders large and remarkably spherical in shape, they’ve understandably come to be referred to as dragon eggs. The unique texture that lines some of them even suggest to more fanciful minds that these eggs may have been petrified while in the process of hatching. In reality there are simply the result of erosion but that. Doesn’t diminish the wow factor for a similar site all be it on a smaller scale. You can also check out bowling Ball Beach on the coast of California, Mendicino County.

7, Maho Beach, St Maarten

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Without any sort of context or explanation you might be confused as to why Maho Beach makes this list. It looks like your typical beach getaway. The stretch of golden sand is packed with umbrellas and beach chairs. Kids laugh and play and turquoise waters while the palm trees sway in the distance. Backed by hotels and resorts. A photo of Maho Beach could easily appear in the dictionary to accompany the term quintessential beach destination, sure, until a plane shows up overhead on its approach in what has to be the oddest pairing this picture. Perfect Beach combines all the usual beach experiences with the thrill of feeling like you’re about to be crushed by passenger planes as they land. Don’t worry, the planes remain safely well above head height, posing no real risk to beachgoers. But watching a 747 block out the sun. Is quite a novel experience.

6 Hidden Beach Mexico

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You can cruise up and down the coast of Mexico until you’re old and Gray. You’re not going to find this beach without directions. This well kept secret is actually located in one of the Marieta islands off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. You’ll notice that we said in not on because, well, that wouldn’t have been accurate. Hidden Beach actually lies at the bottom of a hole that suddenly appears on this, otherwise, typically green. Island in Banderas Bay. The exact history of this mysterious subterranean beach is something of a mystery, but it’s said to have been created by military bomb tests. Despite the allegedly explosive origin story, the end result is like something out of a fantasy novel. A small stretch of sand, complete with crystal clear Pacific waters, all packaged in a perfect little cavern. Just be sure to plan ahead only a limited number of people are allowed to visit each day.

Number 5 punaluu

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Black Sand Beach, USA, Hawaii is a majestic place with its own distinctive history. It will come as a shock to very few people that Hawaii has a long history of volcanic activity. Every inch of the Hawaiian landscape has been shaped by volcanic eruptions one way or another, but few testaments to the local geological activity are more showstopping than this black sand beach on Hawaii’s Big Island, Puna Lulu is easily accessible and the perfect place for all manner of classic beach activities like swimming. Snorkeling and sunbathing. But all of the Afor mentioned activities take on a whole new level of novelty when done surrounded by pitch black volcanic sand.

Number 4 jokulsarlon, Iceland

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When you’re in the market for a beach getaway, chances are that you’re imagining warm waters, soft sand, and all the classic beach comforts. And for the most part, that’s the type of travel we’re attempting to cater to, just with a little twist. That being said, it wouldn’t feel right to talk about unique beaches. And leave your cold sore loan out in the cold, located in southern Iceland. This one of a kind beach brings the same show stopping black sands as punaluu, but UPS the ante with an even more extreme environment. The beach is located at the head of Bread America Leo Glacier and is considered one of the country’s most cherished natural attractions in a nation as remarkable as Iceland. That’s saying a lot here along the shores of the glacier lagoon, the black sands of Yokuda salon provide. A stunning contrast to the glass like chunks of ice that washed ashore from the icebergs.

3, Scotland a Turkey

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Italy based on this first photo, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we were taking you to another glacier beach fear, not this Italian beach boasts bathing suit, appropriate temperatures and the sunbathing opportunities you so desperately seek. It just does it with a whole lot of style. Italy is blessed with an abundance of beaches to choose from, but Skyler the Turkey stands out with its stunning white cliffs that pierced the Azure waters. The awe inspiring rock formation has. Indeed been dubbed the stare of the Turks, so named because of the terracing that has resulted from countless years of erosion. Now before you start to worry about just how uncomfortable it will be to sunbathe on the staircase, rest assured that Scott today Turkey has a sandy stretch of beach on either side of the cliffs making this a real best of both worlds. Tight beach destination.

Number two Benagil Sea Cave Beach, Portugal

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Take the Hidden beach from Mexico Parrot with the imposing heights of Spain’s cathedral beach. Sprinkle some unique Portuguese charm and you get Benagil sea cave beach like something out of a dream or fantasy film. This remarkable stretch of sand is located in southern Portugal along the Algarve coast and is only accessible by boat or paddle board. The gateway to this incredible little beach is a series of low hanging archways. Once through the threshold however The Cave opens up to reveal a natural Dome complete with a skylight. Your window for sunbathing is admittedly quite. Small, but this beach is more atmospheric than anything else. The colorful layers of rock further add to the visual wonder of the space. That being said, the sand here is remarkably smooth, far smoother than anyone would rightfully expect to find in a cave.

Number one hot water Beach, New Zealand where double dipping, so to speak, into the New Zealand beach

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Options for this list. But there was really no way we could squeeze both into a single entry. Located on Coromandel Peninsula East Coast hot Water beach. Makes for a rather unassuming destination at a glance, it looks like your typical New Zealand beach. You’ve got Golden Sands, Navy, blue waters and plenty of dense greenery to serve as the backdrop. Most of the day. The beach is relatively uncrowded during the two hours either side of low tide. However, hot water Beach becomes the hot spot. This side of Auckland. You see this otherwise unremarkable stretch of sand actually sits atop underground Hot Springs, and when the tide is low, you can actually dig yourself. A little pool to soak in. You’re essentially drawing your own geothermal powered bath.

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