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Morning guys it is 4:30 really really tired right now probably only got about 4 hours of sleep, and now we are heading to Manila my lens as always is fogging up that’s customer service we have breakfast for the road water Thank You Coast you get it it’s like 4:30 in the morning right now, and now. We’ve got to go on a journey all the way to kalibo Airport get the Boracay you actually take a ferry to get here. And I’m fair you get off Brock.

I luckily Coast is taking care of all of our transportation we can literally turn our brains off which is great. Because it’s 4:30 in the morning or was sounds like flies. Because every time we touch we have arrived at the kalibo International Airport.

I don’t know why we left. So early. Because we’re here for three hours before our flight takes off, and it’s domestic flight.

So you realistically only needed an hour. But whatever use that time to do some editing catch up on work should. I grab a quick coffee here at KK K coffee alright we are checking into our flight with Philippine Airlines.

So in the Philippines it’s very common that you have to pay Airport fee which is annoying it’s only six bucks. But at the same time make sure you have money from the airport what do you got in your hand there nothing beats good Airport food. I got a ready-to-go Nescafe, and a bowl of noodles alright guys we are a slightly delayed.

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But we’re getting under plane now around the vanilla oh my gosh score exit aisle like yeah all right guys. I’m gonna set my drone up. I’m gonna fly my drone inside a plane that has a viral written all over it waiting learn about it yeah look learn it’s the sky tree sky trees treats for the sky thank you.

So we are vanilla we have a long layover here not a big deal though for us. Because we have so much work to do between editing emails, and signing up projects if you guys saw my blog from like a year ago when we were in Manila we did a whole post dedicated to the airport here, and we basically just like snapped her little tissues off she slept the whole time, and she’s still tired.

I’m just guilty lor reaffirm to the viewers we’re in love put on a smile put on a smile generally love water to get looking at those shoes oh my gosh. I keep trying to keep it on the down-low. But you guys keep finding out you guys hello oh man my fans they’re dedicated we are now on level four of the Manila Airport which is built with different restaurants fast food ice cream Wow the woman of my dreams, and my laptop.

And I are doing some work we ran this real swanky coffee shop, and right behind me is a glass cubicle where you can smoke they tried to put Abby in there. Because she’s smoking hot but. I’m like please kind of like be that’s how.

I got my girlfriend guys. I’m a smooth talker what can. I say.

So I just spent the past like three hours editing the blog it’s all done it’s a really good one it’s the first blog when Abby rocked. And So I wanted to make sure that one was good Abby didn’t wear pants to the airport even in the airport guys there’s no escaping Manila traffic alright guys we are getting on the transfer bring us a terminal – another beautiful sky here in Manila. But somebody told me that the best sunset comes the places to have the most pollution, and Manila is no exception Bangkok also fairly polluted not too bad.

But Bangkok had beautiful sunsets that’s enough docks for me it’s true go to polluted places, and you’ll see beautiful that may be China. I don’t think they even can see the Sun alright guys. So our flights been delayed 45 minutes.

But always look, and here the fastest upload speed. I’ve seen all of the Philippines that one-hour delay is perfect what’s your silver lining. So our flight hour, and a half late really couldn’t care less amazing Wi-Fi speeds here.

And I got so much done time to board the plane hello thank you when Lauren. I went to LA.

I was like this close to missing my flight, and now. I’m a little paranoid she’s very paranoid. But it’s probably a good wake-up call we’re on our game news days now you were the last game today.

But yeah a better better last one on the gate then not in the game right that’s what. I always say. So buddy people.

I got to go thirty thousand you’re supposed to sit next we are coming in for landing the BR night. So I cross to the left that seriously guys. I have the biggest crush on my backpack ever.

I will be doing a full post on my gear probably in the coming week nice thank you now we’re going to be heading to the Best Western in Mactan this has never happened to me we are the first baggage work work work work work. And I’m assuming the work work work boosting the morale. So I’m using smart.

But apparently globe is the better option. So we’re getting Abby’s phone all set up here, and it’s a thousand pesos which is like 25 US dollars, and that gives you one month unlimited data alright we just got dropped off at the Best Western sandbar it was probably about a 20 25 minute drive from the airport that would be people you can rent hoverboards here for 300 pesos it’s a deal hello scratch that we are actually in the building right next door to it Schwing key hello we’re actually not saying at the Best Western sandbar we’re staying at the celaya sandbar. And So the celaya is a sister hotel to this Best Western sandbar they’re owned by the same owner, and they’re right next to each other thank you oh my gosh welcome to our hotel room in the Celaya.

So we actually just talked to the belt man belt doorman bellman anyways he said it’s only been open for four months. So very new oh okay whoa magic you’ll see it in the morning well that’s a pool that’s a pool, and then they have a pool over there or is is that a looking. I don’t know.

I think maybe the lagoon gigantic so much room for activities the shower oh wow tonight. I am going to sleep like a rock like.

I’m already exhausted, and as soon as. I touched that bed. I will not be waking up for at least eight hours until tomorrow have a good night, and let’s get lost again tomorrow good Abby’s photoshoot in tension.

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