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So we just left our hotel Lauren. I spent our four years romantically cuddled up on the floor we’re luckily staying in Katie, and marks hotel on the ground. Because Oh like Tokyo is.

So expensive Lauren. I would be broken today pretty much. So we’re taking what we can get, and it’s a nice hotel.

So it’s perfect, and today we have our guide Mary Mary is up ahead you’ll get to meet her she’s a quite a wonderful woman, and she’ll be showing us around Tokyo search got her trained cards, and a cultural thing in Tokyo is whenever you hand money or something over tone you got shipped off let’s hand it over with two hands, and do a little battle it’s a little respecting Abby practice the Tokyo pass over no no yes like. So well done we are here at the indoor fish market that’s so creepy, and you can prepare octopus chainsaw shelter can they bite stop shell turtles ready for the market it’s a cruel world my blog we’re about to order some deep fried whale yeah.

But we don’t condone it we are important through the ecosystem, and they might be tasty we don’t know yet. So that must be the big temple over there then right that’s what the entrance oh. So right there is a sake building.

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So the giant Japanese beer in it the building actually looks like a beer yes you can see the top there it’s got a layer of foam yeah okay that’s Tokyo Tower right this is Sky Tree okay nevermind no sorry maybe. So right there is the Sky Tree it’s six hundred, and thirty three meters you say 34 meters, and it’s the second tallest building structure in the world my tour guide was saying that every temple have an entrance with two Guardians there’s one there, and there’s one in there, and one will have their mouth open, and one will have their mouth closed just a little fact that you’ll know one of these little pancake Tresa actually got to come to the side street. Because you weren’t allowed to eat it here on the street.

Because this street is sacred it leads up to the temple, and you’re allowed to eat food here. So this is the oldest temple in Tokyo, and it’s said to be very secret apparently lots in the old days lots of samurais, and leaders would come here maybe it will be a summary today maybe not okay. So it’s like physical curing okay some smoke kills you like most of Asia this is a Buddhist temple.

But in Japan they actually have two kinds of temples they also have Shinto temples, and Shinto is a religion that came from Japan, and they’re separate. But they have a lot of similarities one of the differences for prayer is if you’re going to Buddhist you simply just make your offering, and bow if you’re doing it with Shinto you actually do – claps – vows followed by another Club, and another bow it’s something similar like something like that. I mean.

I don’t know the details. But yeah. So we are in Tokyo’s oldest temple Katie just paid for a little porch entire thing, and see basically you get a stick, and the stick has like a corresponding number, and then you look for your message.

So you look through all these drawers, and you take out a little slip, and her message was basically like it’s all bad news it was like you should not pursue marriage a trip or any new employment like rough seas are on their ways, and things will only get worse or something. And So if you get a bad fortune you’re supposed to leave the bad fortune of the temple where it can be burnt, and the worst the fortune though how you leave it up. And So apparently hers which sounded pretty bad to me is only like a level-3 bad news.

And So she’s left it here. I’m like not the highest level but I can’t even imagine what the top level will get you probably like you’re gonna die things aren’t going well for kid.

So pretty you guys are ever interested Abby’s now a freelance photographer this restaurant here claims of the first ever to invent tempura, and then apparently Mary was saying our guide that there’s a restaurant down there that also claims the same thing. I need a handle. But the family’s another restaurant that claims the exact same thing.

So oh my gosh it’s my dream it’s an anime story Abby look at these, and sure likes kinky things what is she doing is. I think a lot of these anime characters locks good parents’ll figures we were walking down Tokyo’s electric district, and it’s kind of like the stereotypical japhet no just one well it’s like the stereotypical Tokyo that you picture with like the billboards, and the signs running up the sides, and it’s at night. I’m sure it’s all lit up two stories worth of animation for in here.

So this is a six story anime building they have everything from DVDs to postgames to like. I said earlier support. And So I think we should take a look new, and used PC games for adults oh god.

I don’t think you want to touch these CDs after use.

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