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Hey you’re checking out a Greenpoint residence switching hotels we’re going to our final destination of Boracay we’re saying tonight at coast hotel, and it actually just opened up today. So we’re at the grand opening of the coast, and it’s right back in Section two. I think we’re here here we are hello all right guys we just arrived at the coast there’s actually day number two of them being in business.

So it’s pretty exciting they are fully open to the public, and we get the privilege of checking them out in the early stages thank you, and look what they had set up for us on the LCD, and here’s the bathroom beautiful modern minimalistic. I love it to even have a nice little note here for us thanking us for coming when it should be us thanking them pleasure to be here what’s up guys gotta say it’s beds pretty comfy life’s pretty good keep your skin clear clear skin leads to clear mind clear mind leads to zen all right guys new face new bob’s ready to take on the day exfoliated as f just leaving hotel right now we’re gonna go get some breakfast slash lunch more like lunches thing it’s like 12:30, and we’re gonna fly the drone ring excuse me Butler would you pour me some please all the way on an island, and you got subway our sandwich artisan just completed his masterpiece even at Subway. I kind of steal my girl we were checking out, and they’re like are you guys together like come on, and it’s my girl like back we got some prime Beach real estate here Abby’s indulging yourself with some Cheetos.

I’m indulging on the view grab life by the horns there’s people soliciting basically there’s only crap everywhere. But if you come if you have a hotel that has like a slice of the beach the security guards are basically in charge of like telling them to shoo shoo, and this guy just tried to sell me a handcrafted rock with baby Jesus, and mother Mary holding him but. I’m not currently on the market for that catching some rays this could be the thumbnail lands next that’s the divider between public beach, and private resort.

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And So this guy is selling ice could be that comes over the line, and security guards like attack like it’s gonna you, and then this gear you gotta get out of here shoe. I’m gonna go get my laptop because. I’m not the kind of guy lives around there’s work to be done blogs to be posted, and a nice drink they have all sorts of different flavored waters here all right guys let’s get productive look at this backdrop what do you do nice another out just gonna nap gonna swim back to my laptop wants to shirt yeah her battery life number gun on a laptop.

So she can’t edit outside she don’t got this kind of flexibility yeah my gosh did. I get full massage maybe she’ll come over here they would. I think our plan is go dancing Lori used to dance professionally semi-professional competitively is the better word.

I suppose you just want to be on the camera. So you came back yeah. I do a bit more lifting yeah we just went up at least 200 views excluding me you sweat up again just gained another hundred views it is our first time here yeah they just brought cool towels they’re getting us more water Laurie what mark we asked for some wine what do you guys think about my new scheme.

I’m just gonna be like wearing shells all the time part of the new Christians travel blog look comment down below do. I need more shells less shells Abby need shells probably my shells more niche will get Abby some shells. So these guys are obviously in the midst of making the world’s biggest, and council decided see what they pull off work work work work.

I’m assuming nimeth twerk twerk twerk well guys serious progress was made on the wall looking good alright guys. So we’re setting up the drone. I really think it’ll be good football lights we’ll get more likes on Instagram more likes more subscribers it’ll be good.

I’m just ready for the mission to get more likes, and more views we’re just about to take off the ground here the flying turkey hi yeah technical difficulties my SD card is totally full. So we got to go empty that off before we take play. I’m gonna go back to the room really exciting update.

So I’ve received the first five donations that will be used to help people here in the Philippines. And So far the pool is two hundred, and fifty US dollar if. So incredible generosity by those five people huge thank you to you guys.

And I’m sure it’s just the beginning of what’s going to be an incredible thing to do for the locals here as well as other people when we go travel to other places. So I want this to be like a long-term program where people donate on a monthly basis weekly basis whatever, and every now, and then we can help you below whether they’re in the Philippines or in Canada thank you so much to those five people, and this is the beginning of something great we’re meeting with will right now, and if you guys did his blog well then go watch it yesterday.

I met up with another youtuber who’s also a daily blogger he lives in Manila, and he blogs all around the Philippines his name’s well. I just ordered to San Miguel lights, and those are the corona type beers being served to us at our like high-end hotel it’s only 60 pesos which is less than two dollars for a beer brought to you on a beautiful beach, and the castle that they’ve been working on is coming along just fine the two babes are just reclining oh yeah wow she looks good look at that three axis stabilizing gimbal oh yeah give us an update we’re just drinking beer watch the people sunset still sweaty. But to do it quicker or like yeah cuz like half the frame was just you there my camera broke alright kids always have adult supervision when flying unmanned aerial aircraft better late than never.

But fucked that way, and that way like miles looking for you dude don’t want to go yeah. I noticed that easy nice app crashes all this goes, and breaks. I don’t make that much money up.

So I’m more careful mushrooms yeah ten seven are crash yeah. So many cameras let you grab so much attention when like you there’s a drone around they don’t obviously see that that often literally all these people are just like standing around Christian like.

So intrigued about this drone like only company people around him we just made like six new friends all these people saw me flying my drum they didn’t actually know my posts. But then they came out to me like oh are you a blogger. And I explained what.

I do. And So then all of a sudden five people turn into ten, and then when turn into twelve yet another beautiful sunset my remote control. I’m affirm my drone has a very weak signal.

So anytime. I fly more than 200 meters away it starts like cutting out which is kind of scary especially when you’re over the water it’s not supposed to do that it should be able to go like up to two kilometers even though you’d never do that that’s like pushing it to the max it should at least easily do a kilometer hopefully can get that fixed, and figure it out before it turns into issue. But today’s flight successful this is the sand castle.

I filmed them building earlier today it’s come a long way no thank you the easiest option would oh is. I do okay yeah you got me – it just kills it on normal camera. So this it lived it really just sensible all right right now.

I’m testing out will sup. So I’ve got his giant gorilla pod like he’s got the massive size, I’ll show you. And I put on his rode mic.

Because maybe one day down the line, I’ll blog like this. Because it obviously looks better it sounds better. But it’s not nearly as convenient as having this in your pocket.

So there’s that anyways guys will is about to head off make sure you check out all of this stuff, I’ll have it all linked down below you guys probably want to check out my travel blogs playlist cuz it’s like this stuff. So just go to travel blogs which will me be brothers like those. I have a walk later yeah.

I’m probably going down below you’ll find them we’re thinkers yeah all right guys stay by the wheel deuces we’re just leaving the room right now like 10 p.m. Abby was passed out cold at wake her up.

So we can go get dinner otherwise well realistically there would be no downside if we had just gone to Best Buy. I’m gonna go get some dinner that’s the end of the night up stop this is where. I’m dinner fresh off the press bad customer service report of the day here at sensei Abby’s header meal.

I heard the same thing as her, and she’s been eating for about five to seven minutes now seven minutes my meal. I ordered the same thing still not here, and they didn’t bring her water as Christians complain. I give it to a travel they apparently thought we only ordered one setting.

So I don’t know how happened gonna go to the place that always gets the right subway eat fresh.

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