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The listings which follow consist of all known locations in the United States where wilderness camping and backpacking are permitted. Included among these areas are most National Parks and National Forests, many state parks, as well as other public and private lands where camping is allowed outside of campgrounds.

In the process of researching this book, determining whether a particular area qualified for inclusion was not always an easy task. Little or no printed literature is available for some smaller parks and forests. Also, certain terms such as camping area, campground, and primitive are sometimes used in different ways, creating a potential for confusion. In the interest of clarity, basic terms and concepts are discussed here.

Texas Campgrounds versus Camping Areas Campgrounds are of course the best-known areas which are used for camping. Most campgrounds are accessible by vehicle, have a substantial number of formal campsites, and offer some facilities such as bathrooms and often showers. In the vast majority of campgrounds a fee is charged for each night’s stay.

Those parks and other areas which limit camping to regular campgrounds have not been included in this book. However, it should be noted that campgrounds do vary enormously. Quite a few have campsites that are spaced well apart, and some include walk-in sites. On occasion such sites are completely out of sight of the main part of the campground, and may even be out of earshot of it. A campground with this kind of walk-in site can offer at least limited privacy and a taste of wilderness camping.

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