We’re now landed in Bali collected our bags. And, we’re going to meet our tour guide Ponca. I believe is his name hopefully he’s there, we’ve just been talking through email.

So he said to be expecting us at the front he told us to meet him near the gift shop said he’d have our names written down on a piece of paper. And he’s on a white t-shirt or a dress sure, I’m not sure one of the two. So hopefully we find him if not then we’ll just take a cab miserably.

And find a hotel. So many for for tomorrow are you available for the tour or is it normally when you come to a new country you have to deal with like a few really annoying processes like buying your visa getting yourself one set it up getting a taxi from the airport we literally bypassed everything like we had the most amazing introduction to Bali. So I don’t know why.

I was supposed to be $35 for a visa we show up in the guys like yep, it’s free. So I still don’t know why but, we’re like okay sounds good anyways we get through get our luggage. And then we found the tour guide who offered to pick us up he literally picked us up from the airport him.


And his driver. And they showed us around they took us to kuta which is where we are now he got a set up with our cell phones. And he got it yeah he took us to an ATM.

And then he dropped us off at a hotel. So we are like totally set up totally comfortable now in kuta bali because of pancha. So we were gonna be doing a tour with him on monday tomorrow sunday.

So everyone’s taking the day off, we’re just gonna hang out around here but the following day he is inviting us to join him on a tour and. So super excited he’s actually the nicest guy yeah at first were just like because, we’re just like. I feel like after a while your unused yeah.

I was not used to having this cotton treatments or like what’s the catch yeah cuz normally how backpacking goes is you get out of the airport you pretty much how someone’s rip you off. And then you have to walk around with your heavy backpacks like trying to find a hotel. And like you don’t even know where you’re going really unless you booked once it was just such a change.

So, I’m really excited to go. And do a tour with him on Monday. And right now, we’re just gonna go explore explore cooktop Abby.

And I got some beers right a nice restaurant, it’s pretty cheap, it’s like four or five US dollars for like a nice like fettuccine alfredo beer is a dollar fifty no actually, it’s just under two dollars. So, it’s it’s cheap. And a big water like that is 50 Cent’s.

So everything seems pretty cheap. I think who does quite a bit more expensive than the average Indonesian city just what it is like the tourists up out of all of Bali, it’s got the reputation for having tons of drunk Australian people cuz. I guess, it’s like they’re Mexico, it’s where they come to get away.

And just party puto is also known for really cheap shopping. So, we’re gonna go look with t-shirts maybe not tonight it might be close but tomorrow then. And, it’s like a dollar you can get like a fake Nike t-shirt they could be the shirt whatever you want yeah there’s also lots of surfing here.

So maybe if we find a really good deal we’ll try it out having pretty girls there something that was actually one of the best meals. I’ve had in a while it had like real cheese. And cheese as hard to come by over here my gosh.

So much cheese. I’ve never been able to say that about a meal here in Southeast Asia. So, I’m still thinking about it.

And, I’m pretty sure. I burns atop my mouth because there’s so much cheese but can’t clean it with that.

And just a few minutes away from our place there’s the beach here the waves are so big here. I know, it’s not gonna show up on the GoPro but you can probably hear them.

And they’re very big.

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