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Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NCA, CEBCO. Image Landsat / Copernicus. A few impressions before starting my grand tour. Soneva Fushi is the Maldives‘ original desert island hideaway. This clip includes a full tour of the Jungle Reserve. This 4 bedroom sanctuary is one of the Maldives1 most spectacular villas. Every trip to Soneva Fushi starts at Male Airport. Soneva has a lounge at the airport where you can wait for the waterplane transfer. The lounge is also used by guests of Soneva Jani. The serene and tranquil place offers snacks, drinks and even has a spa room on site. Check-in is done at the lounge.

Waiting time at the lounge is mostly around one hour. From the lounge it’s a short stroll to the seaplane. Transfers to Soneva Fushi are operated by Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA). From the lounge it’s a short stroll to the. Each Twin Otter water plane seats 19 passengers. Besides the two pilots, there’s always one cabin crew member present onboard as well. The flight to Soneva Fushi takes around 30 minutes. The scenery right after takeoff is unappealing. But that changes soon as we fly away from the airport area and the capital Male. The flight to Soneva Fushi offers breathtaking panoramas. The deep blue ocean is interspersed by tiny palm islands and ridiculously clear lagoons.

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This is an aerial view of the One&Only Reethi Rah resort. The famous resort is great, but unfortunately, the island is largely artificial and man-made. All pilots at TMA are commercially trained. They fly the plane with bare feet or flip flops … an interesting sight:-). We’re reaching the Baa Atoll, home of Soneva Fushi. The Baa Atoll is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, featuring incredible underwater life. Landing on the Indian Ocean. The plane lands at a short distance from the resort so as not to disturb the guests. Welcome to Soneva Fushi airport. This must be the coolest airport in the world :-). From the landing site, it’s 5 minutes by boat to the resort. A welcome drink (coconut) is offered during the short trip to the world-famous property. Soneva Fushi has a ‘no news, no shoes’ policy.

On the speedboat your shoes are removed (and stored for the duration of your. Soneva Fushi represents an insanely beautiful paradise. The private island is just under 1,5km (0,9 mi) long and 0,5 km (0,3 mi) wide. soneva Fushi represents an insanely beautiful.. The island is covered by dense, lush jungle. Blinding-white, palm-fringed beaches are surrounded by a sparkling turquoise lagoon. The arrival jetty is located on the island’s sunrise side. I take a tour of the sunrise and sunset sides (and the stunning beaches) later in this clip. Tour of the communal areas. The arrival jetty leads to a clearing in the jungle, where you find most facilities. The Maldives enjoy a tropical, year round hot climate. The best weather is from December to April, when the dry northeast monsoon prevails. This is Mihiree Mitha restaurant. It’s just one of Soneva Fushi’s 5 exceptional dining venues. Soneva Fushi has a down-to-earth personality. This is reflected in the resort’s nature-inspired architecture.

The eco-chic design blends in with the surroundings. All hotel pavilions and villas are built using local and sustainable materials. Soneva Fushi has a green & eco friendly policy at its core The resort has a net zero carbon footprint. This is a ‘Down to Earth’ restaurant. I’ll show several dinners at Soneva Fushi’s dining venues at the end. I’ll show several dinners at Soneva Fushi’s dining venues at the end of this clip. A butler – called Ms or Mr Friday – is appointed to each travel party upoi. This is Soneva Fushi’s small reception & concierge area. A butler – called Ms or Mr Friday – is appointed to each travel party upon arrival. Soneva Fushi features a large boutique shop. I’ll have a look inside this shop later in this clip. The Glass Studio is one of the resort’s brilliant initiatives. Here, the Maldives’ waste glass is turned into valuable works of art.

All glass is melted in a state-of-the-art glass furnace. It is then ‘upcycled’ by blowing, casting, and slumping to create extraordinary items. You can watch famous glass artists at work. You can also learn the art of glass blowing in special courses. SPEECHLESS. The four bedroom Jungle Reserve is one of the Maldives‘ most stunning villas. Full tour of the Jungle Reserve The immense reserve surrounds you in nature. The villa features 4 sumptuous bedrooms. Each bedroom comes with its own open-air garden bathroom. The large outdoor living area has a direct beau.. There’s also an indoor dining room, kitchen, library, and wine cellar. The reserve comes with its own lagoon-style pool. A shallow and a deep pool section are separated by a lovely sunken dining area own private spa pavilion during this tour. All villas at the resort feature a similar master bedroom. The room is decorated in Soneva’s trademark rustic eco-chic design.

A ‘Slowlife1 magazine is offered in each room. The cover features Sonu and Eva, the owners of the Soneva brand. Sonu and Eva launched Soneva Fushi in 1995. They live on the island for most of the year. Soneva Fushi was the first Soneva resort. The resort became instantly world-famous and put the Maldives on the travel map. Soneva Kiri (Thailand) was added to the portfolio in 2009 Soneva In Aqua and Soneva Jani (Maldives) were launched in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The bedroom connects to a large dressing area. The adjoining bathroom features indoor and outdoor facilities. The indoor bathroom has two sinks, a wc and a shower. The outdoor garden bathroom is very romantic and features a bathtub and another shower. The outdoor bathroom is totally private It is surrounded by a high wall. Let’s explore the villa’s other facilities. Still 3 more rooms to go :-).

A couples treatment room is located on the uppeR floor. It comes with massage beds and a stereo system with surround sound speakers. A couples treatment room is located on the upper floor. A fully fitted kitchen is located next to the dinino room. Here, the staff can prepare delicious in-villa meals for private dinners 9. An indoor sitting room is located besides a small library Here, you find a large lounger, covered with colorful cushions and pillows. But why would anyone want (or need) to work in the Maldives :-). Let’s explore the Jungle Reserve’s upper floor. It features two large bedrooms (with ensuite bathroom) and a large sun terrace. Soneva Fushi is 100% water self-sufficient:. 40% is collected rainwater, 15% deep drilled groundwater and 45% desalinated water. The Soneva style is quite similar to Six Senses. That’s no coincidence since the Six Senses brand was launched by the Soneva group. In 2012, Soneva sold its Six Senses brand.

Soneva and Six Senses now flourish independently of each other. In 2012, Soneva sold its Six Senses brane. Soneva now concentrates on resorts with residences. Villas on its properties are available for purchase under leaseholdT. The 3rd bedroom is located across the terrace. It mirrors the bedroom I just walked through, so I won’t show this one. This is the Jungle Reserve’s 4th bedroom. Its layout is similar to Soneva Fushi’s lowest category villas. The bedroom features a four-poster canopy bed. You won’t have any problem here drifting to sleep on the soft cotton sheets. In my room s nigniigni is an enormous oamroom. The open-air garden bathroom is built around a water pond. The room’s highlight is the enormous bathroom. Here, you can shower by starlight…. or soak in the oversized bathtub surrounded by lush greenery. The sunken outdoor dining table is a wonderfuLfeature It seats 10 guests. The Jungle Reserve has direct beach access. All villas – including the lowest categories – are located on the beach.

This is why the Maldives should be on your bucket list. IMHO, the Maldives and the Seychelles feature the best beaches on earth. This is why the Maldives should be on your bucket list IMHO, the Maldives and the Seychelles feature the best beaches on earth. What is your favorite beach destination?. The waters are the bluest and clearest you will ever-see. In addition, the water feels very warm, almost like taking a bath. A few more impressions of the Jungle Reserve. As you can imagine, it’s one of the most stunning accommodations I have ever stayed in. IMHO, Soneva Fushi features the Maldives’ best beaches. These are the magnificent white sand beaches on the island’s sunrise side. This is the beach on Soneva Fushi’s sunset side PARADISE FOUND !!!. Soneva Fushi’s sunset side features a long jetty. A romantic bar – called Bar(A) Bara – is located at its end. A visit to Bar(A) Bara is especially nice around sunset. Here, you can enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets in the Maldives. Bar(A) Bara is a retreat to foster romance.

It serves creative cocktails, fresh squeezed juices, luscious wines, and cold beers. Sometimes, sea turtles glide past just beyond arm’s reach. Cushioned hammocks are suspended over the ocean . The next morning: time for a hearty breakfast. A surprise occurs while walking via the beach to the breakfast restaurant. Spinner dolphins are frolicking in the ocean. The waters around Soneva Fushi harbor some of the richest marine life in the world. Breakfast is served at Mihiri Meetha restaurant. It’s one of the most sumptuous buffets I have ever seen at a hotel. neDuet features several rood stations. Ovenfresh pastries, home-made jams, egg-cooking stations, and fresh fruits are offered. The breakfast buffet features a second cold room Here, you find sushi, sashimi, and salads (among others). I saved the best for last: the chocolate room. There are more flavours on offer than you can ever try. The chocolates will bring the inner child out in you My favorites are the cardamom chocolate truffles and the passion fruit pralines. My favorites are the cardamom chocolate truffles and the passion.

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