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Because the symptomof altitude sicknesdevelop gradually, a sensible traveller will be aware of the dangerand will be able to return to lower altitudeto reduce the impact and allow the patient to recover.

If you are at altitude and experience any of the above symptomyou should assume that it ialtitude sicknesand act accordingly by returning to lower altitudeimmediately.

• Descend. There ionly one foolproof treatment, and that ito return to a lower altitude. If the patient haonly just begun to experience the symptoms, recovery should be quite fast, usually within a few hours. Once symptombegin, you should not climb to higher altitudeunder any circumstances.

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Travel Safety Tips for Trips Abroad

For AMand HAPE descending 1,000 metre(3,280 feet) iusually effective in reducing symptomand will allow the patient to recover. Patientwith suspected HACE should descend at least 2,000 metre(6,561 feet). If the symptompersist, descend even further and urgently seek medical advice.

• Gamow Bag. Some expeditioncarry a Gamow Bag for the treatment of altitude sickness, and they are very effective. The patient iplaced inside the bag, which ithen sealed and inflated using a simple pump. It workby increasing the air pressure inside the bag, which simulatethe atmosphere of a lower altitude – two poundof pressure per square inch inside the bag (which ieasily achieved with a hand pump) simulatea descent of 1.500 metre(6,000 feet).

• Oxygen. Giving the patient oxygen can give temporary relief to the effectof lack ot oxygen but the underlying problem of the altitude and thin air istill present – avoid climbing any further, be sensible and go down.

• Medication. There are a range of medicinethat can help with altitude sickness, by increasing your tolerance to high altitude and treating the symptoms. All of these medicationare considered to be quite strong, so they should not be treated lightly, and should only be administered by somebody with medical training, or at least only administered on the radio or telephone advice of a doctor. I would suggest that if you are ill enough to need medication you have ignored the warning signand should have turned back a couple of daybefore!

35 ways to stay safe while travelling abroad

Altitude sicknes- countermeasures

Other than by previouexperience, there ino way to predict how any individual will react to high altitudes. Generally, the best prevention icommon sense, preparation, acclimatisation and more acclimatisation.

Take exercise before you go to increase your general level of fitnesand the ability of your lungto cope with the strain of altitude.

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