So hopefully. I don’t have to title this blog we got arrested in Thailand you know odd. I have long missed these things these are called toasties they’re like little paninis they’re about a dollar can I get two these feels good to be home it’s day two of Thailand, and we are at king’s palace you like seal of approval right there. I’ve actually never been to the king’s palace despite living in Bangkok it was one of those things that. I just never got around to doing.

And So we’re gonna go in there take a look Blake’s got yet if you want to come with us go explore the temple. So you’ll get away oh you’re not going to come oh. I know everything you know it you’ve just been informed that shorts will not fly into the fitting room all right guys we’re fitted we’re ready to go into the grand palace the king is a very very big deal in pile, and he’s treated with the utmost respect before a movie starts at a movie theater they actually all get up, and stand as the anthem is played as a sign of respect to the king you’re not allowed to crumple the money here that’s disrespectful to the king.

Because the Kings face is on it, and it’s still treated very seriously by the law. So you can actually be put in prison for signs of disrespect to the King we are in check that 500 baht per person which is around 15 u.s.

So for Thai prices definitely quite expensive. But we’ll let you guys know if it was worth the price. So badass well Blake just got his camera not confiscated.

But he has put in a locker. Because there’s a sign right there basically says you can’t film for commercial use, and his cameras really big. So it it kind of looks like it’s commercial use even though it’s not.

I’m going to try to get back with lots of different peaks, and spikes as you can see on the end of the temples there. I always have these little hook looking things gentlemen this is Mambo number 4 that gold right there this is not color corrected just you’re gonna be in person it doesn’t look real it’s so bright, and vibrant right over there you have this massive Bell structure.


I’m no meteorologist. But that storm cloud is coming pretty close it’s about to pour we need to like head under cover let’s go over here Oh people are starting to freak out you Tellis is beautiful. I can tell you that much it’s expensive, and you can go to what po4.

I think like a fifth of the cost. So if your budget conscious maybe go to what pole it’s pretty similar the feeling right now is so much worse.

Because the water came down, and cooled down for a brief moment. But now the sun’s out, and it’s like evaporating, and there’s just like there’s like steam coming off the ground. I feel like.

I’m in a sauna you know that feeling when you wake up, and camping, and like damp everywhere the challenge begins got to try to negotiate with a tuk-tuk driver, and tuk-tuk drivers are very hard to negotiate with they want like normally three times more than taxis this is what it’s about this is the most human. I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Because like.

I’ve been in Thailand. But never during this time of the year where there’s a lot of heat. But a lot of moisture, and it just it all right here we are in cool Sun Road one of the places that.

I spend the most time in an all Thailand. I’m not ashamed to admit that this is the stereotypical backpackers alley basically an entire street filled with bars clubs Pad Thai on the street, and cheap clothing cloth knock-offs Adidas Nike printed on shirts that ideas the Nike whenever used well. I guess it’s lunch time isn’t it it was Blake’s idea he’s like.

I really want to eat this for lunch. I would love to have some scorpion no. I was going to do it, and then uh you just have to take okay take a bite of it something this was not my idea.

I’m gonna be totally honest when I ate the scorpion last time. I spotted.

I was looking. I look, and then everyone else is eating there. I’m like okay.

I didn’t chew it what was the flavor last time it doesn’t really have one it’s just it’s so crunchy it’s like cereal that you wish your pants had never bought for you like. I spent a hundred baht on this come on man no even like being it oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh.

I didn’t work that is really cool we just met a fellow my blog watcher, and we just got ourselves iced coffee how do you think it’s amazing yeah. So many stairs we’re almost at the top Fernando you’re back in the blog guys this is Fernando this is the rooftop of Thor this is the rooftop of the warm white hostel, and Fernando has kindly led us up here we’re going to fly the drone just kind of get a shot of the area finally my god. But even more news you’re opening up in Gaza bone-white goes out warm white hotels if you go to Kotel which is my number one Island thing next year cool even.

I open people it’s so surreal being here right now it’s just such a flashback. I mean.

I keep my third time here. But it never gets old. I love this place gotta be at least 35 degrees maybe 40 with the humidity for all the urban madness we have arrived here at blue elephant restaurant we’re a little too budget conscious for that place that place was about 750 baht per person which is like 25 us we’re going to try to keep our cost a little lower we’re going across the street to a place called tan Jing my fuzzy you, and Zhi Bing cook goodies gin spoon just off of a side street here in a little tiny alleyway is tan yang or Tanjung.

I’m not sure how they pronounce the Y’s. But this is the locals recommendation well the air conditioning is. So nice alright guys check this out we got fancy food at a not fancy price.

So this is chicken lemongrass, and peanuts, and this is massaman curry, and if you guys come to Thailand get the masa Mon it is delicious. I. So Blake has never had mango sticky rice well this was an amazing time eel.

I’m. So glad we came here this is what you call a hidden gem honeying fantastic food like that is exactly what. I was looking for it all together it came to about 984 baht that’s an exact came to 984 baht, and that is roughly about 30 US dollars.

So for two people to have eaten an amazing meal to have had two coffees, and dessert that’s a pretty damn good. I guess school has been let out this here is a big school look at that Bangkok Christian College it is my fazil he owns this College he started it in my name enough to me where are your parents sign up that helmet it is about 3 p.m.

So traffic is gonna be got it. So hopefully. I don’t have to title this blog we got arrested in Thailand right up there that is the ghost tower guys that is where.

I climbed about a year, and a half ago a lot has changed back in my day we used to just pay the guard off we’d give them like 15 bucks, and you’d be up. But recently there’s been some changes in the law technically you could get in trouble for going up there. So we’re going to get a feel for the situation we really want to get up there like.

I’m willing to do some things that aren’t smart to get up there. So I used to jump that gate right there. I’ve been in here twice but.

I’ve only climbed it once look at that. I just need to figure out who’s monitoring this. And I know there’s gonna be someone nearby reading okay.

I just paid a hundred baht get path to ground guards here. But they’re saying that we won’t be able to get up. Because it’s locked, I’ll get back to you on that we’re going to try to find a way around the lock look at this place.

I think it’s totally barred up hey is it what Spri open it’s welded shut yeah that’s literally welded shut that sucks we really want to cook there. I think we’re by half way that’s so cool look at that view are we still there look how high we climb oh my gosh oh my gosh no guardrail we made it.

I mean you can’t say this ground-floor is not cool. But doesn’t have the view could go in the basement that sounds like a lot of fun here is the elevator shaft look all the way up there that’s crazy here’s the second door. I don’t know Blake you want to try cracking those kick it with all you go we could just make the best of it, and do it ghost ghost basement or try wet voice down that’ll be great the ghost tower is officially closed for business there is nothing you could do to get past that, and there was to maximum security locks on that door there’s literally no way you’re getting up there times are changing man 100 bucks yeah we got a new squad going in a speedboat seal this was one, and now that.

I got all the names right we met them at the ghost tower we didn’t get up. But they took us back they showed us their tattoo shop. So they’re all here guesting at a tattoo shop just kind of doing a little bit of work while getting to live in Bangkok which is awesome admittedly.

I’ve been looking at the artwork there. And I’m going to be giving it some thought. So I really want to get a cool piece you’re very strong sir very strong all aboard we both to the Shire Oh that’s on the list of things to do in Bangkok take the boat we paid like a hundred baht per person a lot of fun just don’t go in the water the water looks a little foul alright we’re cruising in style fitties got his feet hanging out the disco legs the real MVP all right.

So our tattooed friends have tagged along we’re going to show them our beautiful view from the pool Blake we are going to get some slow-mo lightning this is the city by night this is amazing right now there’s lightning going on on all sides of the building we are reading the city by night. I love the city so much.

I’ve said it way too many times. But guys give them it’s a Bangkok is a hotspot there’s so much to do.

So much to see, and tomorrow we are going north. I think we have to go inside now. Because of like lightning concern there’s lightning on that side that side, and that side.

So we’re gonna go get a bucket that is basically the kickoff to Thailand you’ve not started a Thailand trip until you see that you’ve not started Thailand trip until you’ve had a bucket. So you the other day guys. I just asked the guy at the bar.

I’m like where’s the best place to get a shot of the Lightning, and at first he’s like no no no there’s nowhere you can go, and then finally he’s like you know what come up here, and if you can see for yourself the Lightning is crazy now. I know. I almost got struck in Romania.

But let’s push it oh this is insane, and it was. So cool this is what goes on behind the blog they see the footage, and it looks. So glamorous, and then this is what it takes to get the shot.

I think it’s moving yeah all right time to move the operations, and doors all right, and we’re off hello sir next stop cool Sun Road problem solved we just got ourselves a full body condom wake up the penguin, and panda panda you line up to the biggest puddle yeah it’s like brown. I like alright guys my battery is right about to die. So how can I it looks fun on the day hey that’s pretty good.

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