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Das Ronacher Therme & Spa Resort, Austria Surrounded by the mountains of Nockberge National Park in the Austrian Alps, Das.


Attached to the hotel, the thermal spa houses an impressive 4,500m of sleek facilities including five thermal pools – indoor; outdoor; thermal whirlpool with massage jets; thermal saltwater pool with meditation area, underwater music and Das Ronacher’s tailored packages or follow a bespoke progamme.


Soon after arriving at the hotel, I head for my consultation with spa physician Dr Wolfgang Hofmeisfer (a GP and expert Ronacher has its own thermal spring. For over 120 years, people have travelled to the local village of Bad Kleinkirchheim to take the waters. Now, you can enjoy the benefits, along with expert therapies, pampering treatments and holistic nutrition in state-of-the-art surroundings at this five-star hotel and spa.

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Arriving at Das Ronacher, I’m given a warm welcome by the hotel’s beautiful owner Simone Ronacher. The Hofei has been in her husband’s family for four generations and the relaxed, family-friendly feel sees many guests return year after year. There are 90 individually furnished rooms and suites. Mine is airy and luxurious with a balcony offering spectacular views of the pine-clad mountains and flower-strewn meadows. The air is so incredibly fresh, I find myself automatically breathing more deeply. ‘You can sweat out toxins and ease your muscles in the “sauna village”, with two-storey, mountain-hut sauna.’ Waterfall; and a thermal sauna pool – all heated between 30 and 35OC. Rich in therapeutic minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium), the thermal water was originally famous for curing eye diseases. Now, it’s used to treat conditions including exhaustion, arthritis and inflammation; improve circulation and aid detoxification and relaxation. You can also sweat out toxins and ease your muscles in the ‘sauna village’, with two-storey, mountain-hut sauna and meditation house, an amethyst grotto sparkling with healing crystals and a bio sauna with sound and fragrance therapy.

All guests can enjoy the spa facilities (along with fitness activities) and are encouraged to sip from the thermal water fountain. You can also sign up for one of in holistic medicine) to draw up my programme. I’ve been working and playing too hard recently and want to detox, recharge and lose weight. After completing Follow an a to aid 82 Health&Fitness coachmag.co.uk spa news WORDS: Judy Bastyra WORDS: Emma Lewis.


Dr Roebuck’s Byron 2-ln-1 Mask + Scrub, £25 for 50ml; spacenk.com New to the UK, Australian brand Dr Roebuck’s is all about clean beauty. Founded by twin sisters Kim Devin and Zoe Kelly, it’s inspired by their physician parents, who created an at-home blended formula to treat the sisters’ eczema as children in 1978. Products include cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers and masks, but we were drawn to the lightly tragranced, dual-purpose 2-ln-1 Mask+ Scrub. Using biodegradable eco jojoba beads, it targets clogged pores, gently removes dead skin cells and lifts away impurities. Grapefruit, peppermint, white tea and kaolin (natural clay) also work to leave skin gleaming and fresh. Use if two to three times a week on damp skin, leaving it on your face for five to 10 minutes. Gently massage your face before rinsing if off.


Art director Lucy Pinto tries y a course of compression therapy What? Normatec Compression Therapy, 20 mins, £25; 60 mins, £50 = Where? LondonCryo, 20 Artillery Lane, London Ei; londoncryo.com = “If you’re a fan of a deep-tissue = massage, this treatment is for you. Normatec is a specialist in technology for rapid recovery and has created a = mechanical compression therapy that’s designed to help speed up the E body’s response to toxins and blood = flow through your body. ‘I sit back in what can only be E described a sun lounger as my therapist fits compression sacks, or = “pockets” on my legs. They go right = up to the groin and are zipped up from the toe to the top. I opt for a = 20-minute session on level 6 of . compression (it goes up to level 7). = ‘My chair is reclined, the lights dimmed and I’m asked to relax = and enjoy the experience. The pockets provide a pulsed pattern of = compression to my legs, increasing – pressure, then releasing. Imagine an intense, deep tissue massage, but all E the way round your limb.

‘The therapy can also be used on the = upper body (which I’m told many pro boxers do to help aid recovery), as well as helping ease joint pain. ‘I train most days and leave very little = time for recovery, foam rolling or even stretching. Due to this, I’ve had IT-band issues for some time but, after just a few sessions of compression therapy, my right leg = doesn’t feel half as heavy, nor do I have tightness the day after training. I can see why pro athletes use this to speed up recovery. ‘I’d recommend this treatment to anyone who trains regularly or has achy legs and circulation problems a Personal Energy Test questionnaire on my lifestyle habits, physical and emotional health, Dr Hofmeisfer concludes I don’t drink enough wafer, move enough or fake enough breaks in the day. My prescription is to rise early and walk before breakfast, drink and soak in the thermal wafer, get outside and breathe – plus follow a tailored programme of activities, therapies and an alkaline diet to help me detox.


The next morning, I try my first pre­ breakfast workout – Nordic walking with the hotel’s inspirational and delightful Australian PT, Christian. Striding uphill in the invigorating fresh air, I feel fabulous and vow to take it up back home. Then, it’s time tor my daily workout in the thermal pool with bespoke movements tor my body type and aquabiking (you can also do aquaboxing and BeBoard Active). I feel even more amazing. There’s also a fitness centre, guided hikes, yoga, tennis and golf courses nearby; in winter, skiing and snowshoeing.


I enjoy some of the best treatments I’ve ever had from the spa’s talented team of therapists. No blushes are spared as therapist Stephanie helps me into my daily alkaline bath, then footbath. With a daily massage (Thai, shiatsu, aromatherapy…) too, my body starts to uncoil. During my stay, I also have an anti-ageing Facial Thalassotherapy with seaweed mask.


Das Ronacher’s alkaline diet is based on seasonal vegetables and fruit, all exquisitely glowing and my body feels cleansed. ‘It you change your lifestyle, you’ll never have to diet again,’ says Simone. And I realise, the real cure at Das Ronacher is the caring staff and what the environment offers – the water, air, mountains and wholesome food. COST It costs from 159 euros tor a double room including access to the spa and breakfast. Packages from 358 euros; ronacher.com. prepared by the hotel’s talented chefs. My day begins with a glass of alkalising salts in warm water to help flush my body. Then it’s porridge with fresh berries and warm apple puree with a drizzle of flaxseed oil to aid digestion and skin health. Lunch is an imaginative salad, followed by a vegetable dish. And tor dinner, it’s a vegetable soup – with oil and fresh herbs. At the end of the week, I haven’t lost weight, but I’m energetic, my skin is.

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