Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Map

It is an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun is shining. The water is blue. I’m about to jump on this boat and go on a tour of Sun Moon Lake. I’m out here on the lake now, and it’s incredible. The water, I feel like I’m in the Caribbean. It’s turquoise. The entire lake is ringed by these giant emerald mountains. I can see pagodas off in the distance, the Wen Wun Temple. This place is definitely magical.

Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Map Photo Gallery

Experiencing the lake on the boat was fantastic. But now I’m gonna go up high in a gondola and get a bird’s eye view. You can see different villages and all the different pockets of the lake. You can really get a sense of how turquoise the water is. And just cruising above here, it’s just beautiful. I’m looking at a big set of stairs here. I gotta climb to the top. But I hear it’s gonna be worth it because the view from up there is really nice.

Check it out. Totally worth the hike to the top. And this pagoda was actually built by Chiang Kai-shek. And he built it in honor of his mama. So he’s a big mama’s boy. And he made it so that every time you look at this you’d be reminded of his special mother. Pretty cool guy. It’s been a beautiful day here on Sun Moon Lake. I got to experience it from a boat and high above in a gondola and now beautiful sunset.

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